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Download Opera Coast Web Browser for iPad, iPhone

Opera Coast Browser

Have you downloaded Opera Coast web browser app for iPad and iPhone –  it promises a  new way to browse and search the web. The minimal clean interface will make you wonder why you never used this browser before and continue to use Safari or the alternative Chrome browser. Opera Coast Web Browser I have been using… Read more »

Download Microsoft Office for iPad Free

Office for ipad

Now you can download Microsoft Office for iPad and open Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Onenote files for free in iPad. This is for the first time Microsoft has decided to open it Office tools for free to all iPad users. Download Office for iPad Just visit the Apple App store on iPad and you will… Read more »

Free Download: Apple 12 Days of Gifts App

12 days of gifts

Just in time for the holidays, Apple’s popular 12 Days of Gifts app is now available for free download and promises a free gift in the form of free download every day from December 26, 2013 to January 6, 2014. Though this app appears every year across the world in select countries (and not in… Read more »

Sell Old iPads to Microsoft for $200!

microsoft buys ipad

Want to sell old iPads? Microsoft is offering $200 to buy your old iPad and trade it for gift certificates to encourage you to buy the new Microsoft Surface tablets or other Microsoft gadgets from the Microsoft Stores. Microsoft iPad Deal Which iPads will Microsoft buy? They will buy any Apple iPad 2, 3, or… Read more »

First Look: Jobs Movie Trailer

jobs movie

Get ready to watch the Jobs movie trailer, the movie based on life of Apple icon Steve Jobs which is scheduled to release in movie theaters worldwide on August 16, 2013. The first Jobs world movie trailer was released revealing some rare moments of Steve Jobs life in the film. Steve Jobs Movie Jobs movie… Read more »

iPhone Software Update Activates Wireless Emergency Presidential Alerts

emergency mobile alerts

A new Apple iPhone update will activate wireless emergency alerts (WEA) and presidential updates by default on your iPhone 4S and iPhone 5. AT&T announced that all their customers will receive the update and it will be turned on by default. Wireless Emergency Alerts Claiming that it is mandated by law as part of the FCC’s CMAS program,… Read more »

Auction Open for Coffee Meeting with Tim Cook, Apple CEO

Coffee with Apple CEO

How much can you pay to win an auction for a coffee meeting with Tim Cook, Apple CEO. Well it seems what started as an already huge estimated bid of $50,000 has already invited bids of $175,000 and the active auction is still open for 19 more days! Meet Tim Cook Well this is a… Read more »

New Apple iPad 128GB

Want to buy Apple iPad 128GB? Apple today increased the iPad storage from 64GB to 128GB by adding  a new model to its iPad lineup. The new 128GB iPad with retina display will be available in both Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + Cellular models and will provide twice the storage capacity! Apple iPad 128GB As the ever… Read more »

Compare iPad Mini and iPad: 7 Key Differences

iPad Mini difference

How is iPad different from iPad Mini? Is the iPad Mini just a small iPad?  While Apple would like you to believe that the iPad Mini is just a smaller version of the iPad with Retina display, there are some key differences which you need to know before you buy iPad Mini.  Is it every… Read more »

Download Google Maps for iPhone, iPod

Now you can download Google Maps for iPhone, iPod and all iOS devices. Google maps has made dramatic comeback on the iTunes store after Apple pushed its own Apple Maps on the new iOS6 software, and removed Google Maps. While Apple Maps were not as great as compared to Google Maps, Apple fans continued to… Read more »