Apple MacBook Pro Unboxing Scent Becomes Signature Perfume

Did you like the scent while unboxing your new Apple MacBook Pro computer? How about a signature perfume for that smell? Well it seems a lot of people love the smell while unboxing Apple products and some people decided to create custom perfumes based on that scent!

Apple unboxing perfume

The guys that Greatest Hits, a collaboration between Gavin Bell, Jarrah de Kuijer & Simon McGlinn, decided to use the smell in the form of a signature perfume for their upcoming art exhibition at Melbourne.This unique signature perfume was created by Air Aroma, a scent solutions company which specialises in scent marketing  for company branding.

MacBook Pro fragranceThe unusual perfume was designed by professional perfume makers who studied the fragrance samples of an unopened Apple MacBook Pro, and discovered a smell of plastic, printed ink, paper and the aluminium laptop. They created a unique fragrance blend with aromas of glue, plastic, rubber and paper and shipped the unique perfume to them which will be diffused in the artistic exhibition in Melbourne from April 20 – May 12.

However, the company quotes that the Apple unboxing scent is not available for purchase and is specially created for this art exhibition only. I wonder why because I’m sure there are lot of Mac fans out there who would be willing to pay a premium price to buy this perfume and experience the fresh unboxing smell whenever they like.

If you Mac fans liked the Mac cufflinks, you should be surely interested in this. What are your thoughts on ordering an Apple unboxing perfume for yourself?

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