Why Mac Fans Love iCufflinks [Videos]

So what will make Apple Mac Fans stand out of the crowd in a party? iCufflinks! Adafruit Industries has created iCufflinks, a cool set of cufflinks resembling the Mac power button with rhythmically glowing lights.

mac icufflinks

Adafruit says its inspired by the Mac power button, beautifully manufactured in aluminum, and they have inserted soft pulsating LED lights (‘reverse engineered’ from the Apple “breathing” LED on Macs, MacBooks) within the iCufflinks.

Each iCufflink has a circuit board and a battery to power it. Though not cheap at $128, but then Apple fans like to pay a little extra for that exclusivity.

Did you know the Cufflinks are completely open-source and the source code can be grabbed at Github? [via Engadget].

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