50 Kiss Text Smiley Symbols, Love Emoticons

Looking for a kissing smiley or kiss text symbol to send to your girlfriend this Valentine’s Day! Send kiss Smileys and love emoticons to communicate with your love via SMS or email to your boyfriend or girlfriend. Send these kiss text symbols via email or SMS and they are sure to appeal to your lover more than a simple text message.

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List of Kiss Text Emoticons

Send a kiss smiley

:-x or :x
:-* or :*

Puckered up for a kiss smiley

A big wet kiss text

So many kisses text

A big kiss text

Blowing a kiss text

French kiss text

Return a kiss text

My lips are sealed symbol

Hugs and Kisses text
(( )):**

Love Smileys, Emoticons for Valentines Day

Hearts that Love
<3          Love, I love you
< /3       Broken Heart
Red Roses Symbols
Getting close text
[ ]           Wanting to hug
{}            Hug
(())         Hugs
[ ?           Moving towards you and thinking about you
Winking smiley text
;->          Devilish wink

Tongue Fun symbols
:-J           Tongue in Cheek
:-&          Tongue Tied
:-9           Licking Lips
:-”            Whistling

Be Happy symbols
:-)            Smile
:-D          Big smile
:-))           Really Happy
:-i             Semi-Smile
:-}             Embarrassed Smile
:-‘             Has a Dimple
:-0           Surprised

Miscellaneous love text symbols
0=)          Angel
:-)(-:        Married
\&&&/   Princess
:`-(           Crying
:*(             Crying softly
:-.)            Cindy Crawford
:-B           Drooling
:-[             Pouting
#-)           Partied all night

This post is an attempt to collect all love smileys from various offline and online sources. If you have some more love smileys and emoticons to share, please post them in comments, and we can add them here.

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