HTTP Archive Tracks World’s Top 18000 Websites – Are You Listed?

If you are among the top 18000 sites in the world, Google supported HTTP Archive can reveal your site performance statistics and give you page speed suggestions! Are you listed?

HTTP Archive

The HTTP Archive is a permanent repository of web performance information of top websites and urls across the web. Google engineers built the  HTTP Archive as an open source service and are now ownership is transfered to the Internet Archive.

The HTTP Archive started gathering data since October 2010  with 1000 websites and now nearly 18,000 top websites  are tested every two weeks. The aims is to keep testing 1 million websites and they are being supported by Google, Mozilla, New Relic, O’Reilly Media, Etsy, Strangeloop, and dynaTrace Software.

The top websites data is collected from respected tracking sources like Alexa 10,000 TopsitesFortune 500, CNN Global 500 and Quantcast Top Sites. The data and site analysis is powered by the excellent powerful tool called WebPagetest which webmasters routinely use to test site performance.

Top 18000 Sites

If you believe you are among the top 18000 sites … Visit the 18000 websites and search your site by domain name letter or search and it will reveal all your site performance data. See your site load time, and get suggestions to improve page speed.  Track the number of requests made by your web pages, and get your data available in different easy to understand formats like Waterfall, filmstrip and even a site loading video. Developers will find the data useful to conduct performance research.

http archive websites

This is what what our site QOT in HTTP Archive looks like. If you are a regular reader here, share your HTTP Archive link in comments.


  1. Mahendra says:

    It’s really bad! my site is not there! Anyway congrats and glad to see that QOT is there

  2. RealTimeTricks says:

    Unfortunately my blog is not in the list. I’m not disappointed at all because many popular PR4 site are also not in the list.

  3. Tech Crates says:

    Good to know that QOT is listed … Unfortunately as my blog is just 6 months old, its not listed there… :-(

  4. How to Sell Photos Online says:

    Nice… Hope my blog features in that list soon. Congratulations to QOT!!

  5. sanjay says:

    glad to see my blog there. Thnx qot.

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