How to Find Best Amazon Reviews

How do you recognize trustworthy and best Amazon reviews on that can help you buy products that are useful, amazing, and worth the value of the money you’re spending. Every product on has hundreds of reviews, with a lot of reviewers, and it is difficult to finalize a buying decision since there are many great as well as poor reviews for your favorite products. So how do you press buy.

Best Amazon reviews

So how do you decide which Amazon reviewers are trustworthy? Over the years, some popular and reputed Amazon reviewers, who post some great product reviews on, have been labelled with special badges which can help you identify the best reviews which can influence your buying decision effectively.

1. Amazon top reviewers

Amazon has created a page where you can browse top reviewer rankings which showcase the top contributors at the moment, or the Hall of Fame reviewers who have been credited for top reviews over the previous years. You can visit their profiles and check out the top products they recommend.

top reviewers

2. Amazon verified purchase

You will find this terminology most commonly attached to the name of most reviewers. What a verified purchase means is that the person posting the view as actually bought the item from, and so is in a better position to review the product as they have personally used it and the chances are that the review would be more genuine with the person actually telling you all about its good and bad features. I would surely trust review more if the person is actually use the product rather than just seen it elsewhere.

Amazon reviews

3. Real name

when the customer uses the same name as on their credit card to create an Amazon reviewer profile, then Amazon puts a real name badge on their profile. Now you know that there is a higher chance that the review will be trustworthy since it is being reviewed by an actual person who is willing to give his real name and identity to the review, rather than a pseudo name. Moreover these badges are permanent till the person continues using their real name. People posting their real name want to gain credit for their good reviews, want to gain a following and want to share their best reviews with people, and of course get invited to the Amazon Vine program.

4. Best reviewer badges

When some people write amazing reviews again and again, they’re reviewing efforts do not go waste as Amazon notices everything. So these Amazon reviewers gain some special badges like #1 reviewer, top 10 reviewer, top 50 reviewer, Hall of Fame reviewer etc. However these badges are temporary. These are the best reviewers on, who have been bestowed upon these top-of-the-line badges for taking out time for writing the best reviews.

Best Amazon reviewers

5. Vine voice

Amazon Vine Voice is an invite only program offered to select honest and helpful Amazon reviewers. Amazon Vine voice allows Amazon reviewers to get access to not yet released products for writing reviews. So when you see a Vine voice badge on a reviewers name, you know they write exceptional reviews to be part of an invite only program.

So next time you want to buy a trusted Amazon product, you can seek the help of trusted Amazon reviews, and now you know how to find a trusted Amazon reviewers online. How do you identify the best reviews?

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