Amazon Dash Button: Fastest Way to Shop

Now you can press the Amazon Dash button and get your regular shopping supplies delivered without having to log in to Amazon, browse the website, pay online and choose from a range of shipping options. The Amazon Dash aims to make shopping faster than ever.

Amazon Dash button

After you buy the Amazon Dash button on Amazon, simply stick it near the area whose supplies you need to replenish. When the supplies fall short, simply press the button and Amazon will deliver the supplies … that’s it.

Your mobile app which is linked to the Dash button will get a confirmation … so that you can cancel the order if you want to (or a kid pressed the button by mistake).

amazon dash button

The app needs to be configured once with the Amazon Dash button, so that Amazon knows which product to buy and in what quantity when the button is pressed. It is typically useful for maintaining running supplies of common household supplies for bathroom, laundry, and kitchen like Washing powder, paper towels, juices, etc.

Many popular brands are on board like Tide, Bounty, Olay, Smart Water,

How to get it? Amazon Prime members get it free after they receive an email from Amazon with an invitation.

Amazon is changing the way you shop with one-hour delivery as well. Watch out for the Amazon drones delivering in 30 minutes!

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