New Google Search App Challenges Apple Siri?

Google has challenged Apple Siri with the new Google search app which is powered by a mix of Google’s new powerful speech recognition, a better understanding of language and the Knowledge Graph, an extensive database of 500 million real-world people, places and things with 3.5 billion attributes and their connections.

Google voice searchApple Siri assistant revolutionised the way the Apple iPhone interacted with the user by responding to all their voice search requests and integrating their requests with other apps like calender and the phone. Google has created their own version of voice search, which now answers and responds to your voice requests in a similar manner. The new Google search app is live right now for Android, and is expected to release soon on iPhone and iPad.

Simply voice your search request, and the Google search app will give you interactive answers. See the app in action in this video.

Note that it is not as powerful as Apple Siri as yet as these are Google search results enabled by voice, but they are now much smarter, faster and accurate than before. I am  sure that it will intergrate better with your phone and will soon give tough competition to Siri.

See what Siri can do in videos below.

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