Free Original iPod Nano Exchange Program

Apple is officially recalling and providing free ipod nano (first generation) exchange for select models which have a rare problem of battery overheating, which can be a safety risk.

iPod Nano Battery Problem

original ipod nanoApple suggests you stop using your original iPod nano (1st gen) and apply for a free replacement unit.  The issue has be identified to a single battery supplier with the manufacturing defect, causing battery overheating. Affected iPod nanos were sold between September 2005 and December 2006. This battery issue is specific to the iPod nano (1st gen) and does not affect any other iPod.

Apple will check your iPod nano serial number and verify if it is eligible for this program. Then you can send them your current iPod nano (1st gen), and get an new replacement unit approximately 6 weeks later. If your country is not listed, online service is not available for your location.ipod nano serial number

How to identify a iPod nano (1st gen)? It has a black or white plastic front and a silver metal back – later iPod nano models have a metal front and back. Note that if you have a personalized iPod nano, then you will receive a non-personalized replacement. Remember to backup iPod nano data using iTunes before sending.

Remember earlier Apple also launched the free MacBook Bottom case replacement program. Is your product eligible?

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