Get Windows 10 App : Reserve Free Windows 10 Today [Photos]

If your computer is eligible for free Windows 10 upgrade, then Get Windows 10 App will appear on the bottom right of your updated Windows 7/8 desktop screen. This Windows icon is the Get Windows 10 App and clicking on it will reserve your Windows upgrade when it appears.

Get Windows 10 App

The Get Windows 10 App will appear on the desktop only when Windows has determined that your Windows is genuine and eligible and your computer hardware is compliant with system requirements. Now you need to click on that Windows icon to get started.

get windows 10 app

After you click the icon a welcome screen appearswindows10 welcome screen

If you click on the right arrows it will display information about some additional features like other familiar and easy Windows features, designed for speed, Microsoft Edge browser, about the Windows Store etc.
Now you need to click the button which says “Reserve Your Free Upgrade”

reserve windows 10

After you click the reserve button, Windows will confirm the reservation is done. You will recieve a notification after July 29, 2015 when Windows 10 is ready for download on your Windows PC or mobile device. Windows update will push the update.

windows10 reserved

Get Windows 10 app and book your free Windows 10 upgrade today.

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