How to Find Lost iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac Anywhere

How can you find your lost iPhone, iPad, or misplaced iPod Touch, and even Mac when it is misplaced? Is there any tracking software or iPhone app which you can install in these gadgets which will help you in tracking your missing iPhone or iPad and find where you misplaced your expensive gadget.

Find Lost iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac

There are many applications available which can help you find missing iPhone or iPad but the most popular and most essential app is Find my iPhone, a free app which you can install on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, MacBook and it will help you locate your misplaced iPhone wherever it is lost. The find my iPhone app allows you to use another iOS device to find your lost Apple product and find the device on a map!

find iPhone on map

Find my iPhone app also allows you to display a message to the person who found your lost iPhone, or is using your gadget illegally or sold it in the market. If you lost it nearby, you can play alarm sounds at full volume for 2 min even if the device volume has been turned off and the phone is in silent mode.

Send message to thief

This app also gives you immense power to lock your iPhone remotely by setting a passcode to protect your private data. If you believe that the thief has no intention of returning your device, you can decide to erase all data and remote wipe all data on your favourite gadget to protect the privacy of your confidential documents and secret personal photos and restore it to its factory settings.

remote lock iPhone

But for this Find my iPhone app to work, it is essential that your lost iPhone or iPad is powered by iOS5 and you have an activated account. It can also work on earlier software versions with MobileMe accounts. An Internet connection is required and your lost iPad must be connected to a Wi-Fi network. For Mac users, you require OSX Lion with an iCloud account and your Mac must be awake while you are locating it.

If your device is not on, or not connected and off-line, then you can set the application to send you an e-mail once your lost device connects to a active Wi-Fi or 3G connection and you can then locate your device on the map e-mail was last sent.

So it’s a great idea to get an iCloud account, download the Find my iPhone app today, and set it up so that you can locate your lost iPad iPhone or any other Apple device when it gets lost.

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