How to Buy iPhone 5 in India Now

How can you buy the latest Apple iPhone 5 in India? Apple iPhone 5 has been released with much fanfare and promises to be the best smartphone available in the market. But like all Apple products, iPhone 5 will reach Apple Stores in the Indian market after many months, and impatient buyers are willing to pay any price to get hold of the latest Apple iPhone.

Buy iPhone 5 in India

But if you start checking out various online shopping websites in India, you find that Apple iPhone five is indeed available for sale to Indian customers, though at a very premium price starting at around Rs. 55,000 for the base version. Lets see some of the websites which are selling iPhone 5 to Indian customers.

1. Rediff shopping – you can find iPhone 5 16GB factory unlocked model selling for a starting price of Rs 54990! Promises delivery in nine working days.

iphone 5 india

2. – is another online shopping site which is selling latest iPhone 5 versions starting at Rs 59500 for the 16 G model with free shipping. 32 GB model costs Rs 73599, and 64GB model costs Rs 86699!

iphone 5 models

3. Ebay India – Ebay sellers are putting up Apple iPhone 5 factory unlocked models for sale in price ranging from Rs. 60,000-Rs. 80,000!

iphone 5 on ebay

Is the iPhone price comparable in the US?

If you check the iPhone Price in the Apple Store, the 16 GB iPhone 5 is available for sale for $199 (Around Rs. 10,000), but the discounted rate is with the network carrier plan. Unlocked phones available in different markets do cost much more without telecom carrier plan.

So why buy new iPhone at premium price?

Apple has its own league of  fans of Apple products, who want to grab the latest model whatever the price. Typically Apple products ship to India several months later after supply and demand pressures reduce in the US and other major markets across the world. Owning the latest iPhone is a status symbol as few can afford the expensive price of the iPhone in India.

Apple iPhone 5 is also available for sale in the grey markets for much higher price than the official prices which would later be made available. Is there a shortage of buyers? I don’t think so.

Update: Airtel is offering 16GB iphone 5 for Rs 45,500 and the iPhone is officially coming to India on November 2, 2012.

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