Now Buy Google Chromebooks in India

Did you know you can buy Google Chromebooks in India!  Croma and Flipkart are selling Chromebooks online! I am not sure since when they became available for sale in India, but last time I checked, it was not available in Indian electronic stores or online shopping malls. An ad pointed me out to Chromebook sales in popular online stores in India and they are indeed selling online!

Chromebook in India

If you visit the Google Chrome India Devices page, you find that 2 models of Google Chromebook are available for online sale right now.

chromebook india

The 2 models are the Acer C720 Chromebook and the HP Chromebook 14. These Chromebooks are available for online purchase at top Indian Online stores Flipkart and Croma.

Croma is selling the cheapest Chromebook at Rs 22990 and will make an exceptional Diwali gift item in India.

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chromebook on croma

At flipkart while the starting price is almost similar, the more expensive Google Chromebook is cheaper by 1000 INR.

chromebook on flipkart

India Chromebook Models

Acer C720 Chromebook is a very portable Chromebook which is 0.75 inches thin and 1.25 kg weight. It has an 11.6” display and a long battery life of 9 hours. On the other hand if you prefer a bigger screen, you can buy HP Chromebook 14 –  which is 0.81 inches thin and weighs 1.85 kg. Powered by  a 14” display, it too has a long battery life of 9.5 hours.

So there is not much confusion about choice – the screen size is the big difference and that is what changes the price. So choose as per your requirement.

Googele Chromebooks

So what is special about the Chromebook – It is a superfast, with instant startup, always connected to the internet, powerful app, the versatile Chrome browsers, all the online Google goodiness and can do anything you can do online.

Do not confuse it with a super powerful laptop or Macbook pro – as they are powered by Chrome OS (not Windows) and have 16GB flash disks (so your 100GB music library has to be hosted elsewhere),   Learn more in this video.

So when are you buying Chromebook for yourself in India.

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