India-Pakistan Reunion Google Ads [All 5 Videos]

The most popular India-Pakistan partition Google ad that unites friends across the border while showing the amazing utility of Google in everyday life is buzzing across Indian TV, Youtube and being shared across the globe. It has touched the emotions of millions of netizens and is a must watch.

India-Pakistan Partition Google Ad

Based on an emotional story of two long lost friends who were separated across two countries during the India- Pakistan partition, the story line #GoogleReunion portrays beautifully how their grandchildren Suman and Yusuf make search efforts to get these long separated friends together. It also showcases how they use the Google search tools to find information online and highlights the superiority of Google information to find anything, anywhere, and anytime!

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… And Google is not only making buzz by creating such emotive ads, but also showing how Google search is an indispensable part of our lives.

Do you like the video? Then watch more ads in this series which you might have missed. This post is divided into multiple pages.

Online Shopping Search

In the next video, while both the grandfathers relax and play chess, they try to play match maker to send their grandchildren Suman and Yusuf out for shopping together.

They suggest about wanting to buy an Anarkali suit, but Suman highlights the online shopping search and ease of online shopping using Google Search.

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Cooking Biryani

In this video one of the friends is out trying to make Biryani and orders from the local shopkeeper. After learning the recipe he orders fennel, but the shopkeeper does not understand its meaning.

Yusuf again powers up Google search to find the meaning of Fennel in Hindi and helps out his grandfather by the easy online translation.

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How to Cook

In the next video Suman catches Yusuf’s grandfather sneaking out at night to eat some Rasagullas sweets, and informs him about the sugar free content. Then she promises to check out some sugar free recipes to make halwa by powering up Google search and looking up how to videos in making food items.

Live Cricket Scores

In the next video both the friends are arguing if their favorite cricketer is out in the live cricket match. But they are unable to catch the cricket score on live TV due to electricity failure. Suman helps out with Google search revealing the live scores in an instant.

Ok if you read this far – The Fazal Sweets mentioned in the video actually exists in Lahore, and though it might be really famous anyway since it is established since 1930, and though this story may be a dramatization for the video – Google just sent huge traffic and business their way!

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