Simple English Wikipedia for Students

Have you ever read the Simple English Wikipedia? It is different from the English Wikipedia you would normally visit. Wikipedia contains in-depth authoritative articles on possibly every popular topic in the world, but sometimes it is difficult for children, students and people with poor English to comprehend.

Simple English Wikipedia

simple english wikipediaThe Simple English Wikipedia is a subpart of the main Wikipedia itself and was designed specifically for the purpose of simplicity – and when you might just not need so much information.

Just compare this article about Javascript on Wikipedia and Simple Wikipedia. Notice the difference in length and complexity of the article.

The main highlight is shorter sentences and more use of easier grammar. The use of basic English is encouraged here. Simple English Wikipedia is targeted for use by children, students, and people learning English. It helps them understand common topics of interest in an easy to understand language.

Right now there are over 100K articles in the Simple English Wikipedia, compared to over 4.5 million articles in Wikipedia. Similar to Wikipedia, people can edit wiki pages to improve and create new pages on Simple English Wikipedia.

There are some amazing encyclopedia articles there which children will find easier to understand –  do give it a try.


  1. Victoria Kats says:

    Wikipedia is the best one for learners…..i agree with you..

  2. Desi says:

    I liked the article very much. I learned some things I did not know yet. I’ll be glad to write more soon such things.

  3. sivani says:

    I know about this websites before. it is very simple even kids can understand the meaning through this website. Hope it will helpful for all. Thank you for uploading the post chandra!!!!

  4. Sk Jony says:

    I love this article. How can I develop my English knowledge.

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