Buy Books on Amazon, Get Same Kindle Books Free

The new Amazon Matchbook program allows Amazon Book buyers to get free Kindle Edition of the same print editions for free (for selected eligible books).  The great part is that the deal is valid for all the Print books you have bought on Amazon any time in the past also. So for example, if you bought a popular novel in 1995, the book may now be eligible for free Kindle download!

Kindle Matchbook

Of course not all Print editions are eligible for free Kindle editions. The rate may vary from book to book and you many need to pay $0.99, $1.99 or a maximum of $2.99 to download books on your Kindle.

Usually Kindle books are cheaper than the print editions, but not free or even dirt cheap.

kindle book price

Actually this deal is quite similar to Amazon Autorip, which allowed users to download free mp3 music of their purchased music albums all the way back till 1998.

Kindle is by far the best selling e-book reader on Amazon and the new versions promise an amazing touch experience while the Kindle Paperwhite take the screen brightness to new levels. With the Kindle being available now easily in countries like India, ebooks are becoming a popular option. As storage space continues to dwindle, ebooks are the preferred way to read.

So what if you do not own a Kindle? Well there are many Kindle reading apps which will let you download and read Kindle books on your Mac, PC, iPad and even an Android mobile smartphone!

Kindle MatchBook launches in October with over 10,000 eligible books including several bestseller editions. So get ready to download your favorite books for free or very cheap prices and take your entire book collection online and read from anywhere on any device.

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