Buy Amazon AutoRip CD, Get Free MP3 Music [Till 1998]

Now when you buy an Amazon AutoRip CD, get free MP3 for all the album songs! This offer extends back to 1998! Amazon has created a whole library of Autorip CDs which buyers can purchase and get free MP3s for all the songs. If Amazon decided to label your old purchased CD as an Autorip CD, then you are eligible to get free MP3 songs for those CDs as well.

Look for Autorip Logo

Autorip CD All the albums eligible for this offer will be marked by the special Autorip logo which you have to look out for when purchasing the CD. The free MP3 music of that album will be added to your Amazon Cloud Player library, which you can download and play on your computer, Kindle Fire, Android phone, and Apple devices like iPhone and iPod.

This is indeed a great deal for people who purchased music CDs from Amazon since 1998, since now they can get all their eligible albums as free MP3 music available on the Amazon cloud player. Check out the huge Autorip music Library which currently has over 37,000 tracks!

If you don’t have a cloud player account, it’s easy to create one when you buy your first Autorip CD. It’s a good idea to create a cloud player account, and Amazon will display all the MP3 music which is eligible from your past purchases. Note that all MP3 tracks might not eligible for the Autorip deal.

Free mp3 music

Now the fine print…

  1. The deal is eligible only to shipping address in the United States.
  2. It is only applicable to albums purchased from
  3. If any of the items are marked as gifts, the autorip deal will not work.
  4. If you decide to return the CD and ask for a refund, and you have already downloaded MP3 music, they will charge at applicable rates from the Amazon MP3 music store.

Well don’t wait any further, it’s a good time to create a cloud player account and download free MP3 music for all your CDs purchased since 1998.

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