Microsoft IllumiRoom: Future Gaming Beyond Your TV Screen

If the Microsoft IllumiRoom concept gets popular, future video gaming could extend beyond your TV screen, and it would not make any difference whether your TV screen size for gaming is 32 inches or 84 inches, as your TV video game experience will fill the living room beyond your wildest imagination.

Microsoft IllumiRoom

Microsoft Research has introduced the IllumiRoom concept, that uses the power of Kinect for Windows camera and a projector,  to project your gaming experience beyond your TV screen size and to make the whole home your gaming arena. The Kinect system scans your room geometry, and projects real-time visuals without any video manipulation or editing.

Check out the gaming experience of the future in this video below which introduces the new Microsoft IllumiRoom.


  1. Ron says:

    Looks extremely interesting, although pointless at the same time. I can predict a lot of people having seizures easier from games with a lot of flashing colors whom won’t even need to be watching the screen to have them anymore, lol. (<– that's really not funny and I don't know why I put lol… it's odd how we write that when we really don't even chuckle) but yeah…. wtf am I talking about? Damn… I do that a lot.

    But anyways, it is an extremely interesting concept nonetheless and I'm curious to see where it will lead. I can assume that either it will narrow focus and make game play actually much worse due to zooming in so much to broadcast the area outside of the screen OR it will have to have games made specifically for it OR it just copies from memory things you have just passed into perspective., hence the wireframe outlines rather than actual imagery

  2. CI Module Ziggo says:

    Wow, this is really awesome!
    This is like the Philips Television with their colour lights behind your TV but this is like version 3.0.

    Can’t wait to game like this!

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