What is Better than 1080p HD? 4K Ultra HD

If you thought that buying  a 1080p HD TV was enough, 4K Ultra HD is fast becoming popular among gadget lovers who want to visualize the next level of entertainment. 4K signifies 4000 pixels (and varies from  3840×2160 to 4096×3072 in different devices) which is called ultra HD, and this resolution is nearly 4 times higher than the 1080 pixels HD (high definition) which most HDTVs and HD recording cameras, camcorders and mobiles aim for right now.

4K Ultra HD Resolution

4K recording cameras, monitors and TVs have been around for a while and they are expensive and not commonly seen or available for sale at your local gadget store.

4k ultra HDTV

In  fact I realized this as I stumbled upon this Ultra HDTV which Sony claims is the highest resolution TV they ever made – a huge XBR-84X900 84 inches 4K Ultra HDTV  with 3840×2160 resolution for playing all those 4K Ultra High Definition movies in exceptional high clarity. It will also upscale HD movies to 4K. Did I mention it costs only $25,000!

Imagine what happens when you watch 3D movies at 4K resolution on a 84 inch UHDTV!!

My only concern is there might not be much 4K content available for home viewers to watch, but if you can afford a $25K TV, then you can surely buy those expensive movies, when they are available. As more 4K recording cameras become popular, ultra HD content will increase. Remember the same thing happened to HD content as well a few years ago – and now you no longer want to watch blurry CDs and DVDs on your HDTV, and strive to subscribe HD channels. Did you know even the current iPad with retina display has 2048×1536-pixel resolution, which is higher than your HDTV!

So next time you think 1080p HD is the best resolution for your next gadget purchase, think again.  Get ready for 4K resolution devices soon … the revolution has already started.

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