How to Use ALL Data in Your Internet Plan [#MyDownloadDay]

Its #MyDownloadDay today. How many times have you let unused internet data expire in your expensive broadband data plan?  I am on a expensive high speed 8Mbps broadband plan and in the last few months I realized I was wasting so much money just by letting my unused bandwidth go waste and expire.

Why we subscribe to expensive data plans

Most plans downgrade to a lower speed (512 kbps in my case) after your internet data plan is used. To avoid slower speeds, most subscribers choose a higher (and more expensive internet data plan) to keep using the high broadband internet speeds throughout the period of the billing cycle.

wasted internet data

But we all waste precious data every month, pay extra money for it, and still help internet service providers or ISP’s make money from our unused data! So how can you squeeze every last bit of internet data from your plan?

Every subscriber has a monthly billing cycle. You can easily check how much data you have used by logging into your Airtel account. It will reveal your total allowed data use and how much data you have used.

Internet Billing Cycle

First check when is your billing cycle after logging into your ISP account. You see my billing cycle is from 23rd of each month.

Internet billing cycle

So I know that 22nd day of the month, I need to check my unused data and download freely to my hearts desire. I set a Google calendar alert to remind me every month (by email and pop up) on this day to that it is ‘My Download Day’ .


When I cross the 80% data limit, they send me an alerting email. In fact, I actually wait for this email, and when I don’t get this email by the last few days of the billing cycle, I know a large data download option awaits me.

dsl overuse emails

Unused Internet Data

So today is my last day of the billing cycle … Let me see how much data is left

Unused internet data

You see the screenshot from the Airtel website shows over 9GB data is left, which is 30% of my plan! 0 days left in billing cycle means this is the last day to use it, or the expired data will go waste. You have nothing to lose, and the slow speed will never kick in.

Imagine you have a 100Mbps plan with 175GB data and you let 100GB go waste !!!


So how do I splurge my soon to expire Internet data every month on MyDownloadDay –

  • App updates – Apple store apps and Android apps on my multiple devices keep piling on with updates very frequently. I do not enable auto-updates, and allow update over Wifi only. Although I keep updating my frequently used apps, I use the end of billing cycle to update ALL apps. The total updates on all my devices sometimes adds up over 2GB! I update all devices at end of the month.
  • Apple TV movies –  I often rent movies on Apple TV. They do cost around Rs 150, which is still much cheaper that a single multiplex movie ticket. I have one month to watch the movie, but I have 48 hours to finish when I start the movie.  Each HD movie needs nearly 2GB download, and I simply add on a few movies at end of the billing cycle and I can watch it anytime next month. You can rent movies on your iphone/ipod as well and use airplay to view on your HDTV.

I am saving lot of bandwidth for all my computers for the Windows 10 update on July 29 … it will take nearly 3GB per upgrade per device.

Well follow this simple tip and never waste your precious ‘paid for’ internet data again. Squeeze out the last bits and bytes… when is your #MyDownloadDay.

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  1. dipluv says:

    it is very helpful. thank u so much for giving this useful idea for internet consumption.

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    This is great and just what I’ve been looking for. Thanks alot!!

  3. Terry Grieves says:

    I do find it hard working on data plans, I pays to work smarter not harder when I am using 3G or 4G data, goes so fast!

  4. Akhil says:

    I never thought this idea can be helpful for me. Well, thank you so, much for this internet plan using idea for Me and all other’s like me.

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    Thanks for the post. This is very important post, when we not end internet plan. This is good idea how to use all data internet plan.

  6. Tarikul islam says:

    This is good idea how to use all data internet plan. This technology have change our life.

  7. Tarikul islam says:

    This is good idea how to use all data internet plan. This technology have change your life.

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