Youtube Video Download Legally: No Youtube Downloader Needed

You can download YouTube videos legally without the need for a YouTube downloader in some countries. Therefore there is no need to use doubtful means like savefromnet, y2mate YouTube downloader, or other free youtube video downloaders online.

Want to save from Youtube? Google allows you to watch YouTube videos offline on mobile devices in selected countries in the following way. This is really helpful when you can view YouTube videos while on the go in the metro or on a flight.

If youtube premium is available in your country for subscription, then you can subscribe to the Youtube premium service and get access to download YouTube videos legally on your mobile device as much as you like.

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Save Youtube Videos without Youtube Downloader

How can you know if YouTube video is available for download?

It’s very simple to save youtube videos as a download icon will be present alongside the video in your Android app or iPhone app.

youtube download icon

If a download icon is not present then you can check if your country or region is enabled for offline Youtube viewing. You see there is no need for a Youtube downloader or Youtube proxy agent.

If you can’t see the YouTube videos in your phone gallery is because the videos are stored in an encrypted format and can be used on the YouTube app only.

a) Can I Convert Youtube to MP3 or Youtube to MP4?

Looking to download Youtube MpP3? No. You cannot download YouTube music for offline listening. Similarly, they will not allow you to convert Youtube Music to MP3 files or audio files from the YouTube app. So if you planned to convert Youtube to MP3, or Youtube to Mp4, then forget it. Better to subscribe to Youtube Premium and get youtube music streaming the legal way, with no need for Youtube audio downloader software.

Why not try Saregama Carvaan, a portable player with preloaded classic music? You can also listen Hindi music online.

b) Can I save YouTube videos to my computer?

No. You cannot download YouTube videos on your desktop or laptop computer as this will work only on mobile devices. However, you can save Youtube videos that you have uploaded yourself to your YouTube channel.

c) How long can you download YouTube videos?

The catch here is that these downloaded YouTube videos will be available for watching on your mobile device for 48 hours only, thereafter they will not be available unless you connect your device to a mobile data network or Wi-Fi network every 48 hours. They say that the non-music content limit can be up to 29 days.

Download Youtube Video Settings

You can also choose the video download quality as you can save mobile storage space by lowering video quality, though it would be better to watch high-definition videos to view good clear videos.

You can choose from the YouTube app settings to download videos on Wi-Fi only which will help you save mobile data as these video files can be very huge and fill up your mobile storage.

download youtube videos

The best part is that while you are downloading these huge YouTube video files if your Internet connection breaks in between or you lost mobile data connection, the video will then restart download once the Internet connectivity is restored.

It is essential to note that the app will not let you download YouTube videos if the storage space on your mobile phone is less than 5%. Therefore it might be a good idea to use mobile phones with large storage space or regularly keep deleting videos after you have watched them.

YouTube will also show download recommendations for more videos that you can download and enjoy on your mobile device. The downloads will not download automatically unless you click the download icon. You can choose to turn off the recommended videos also from the YouTube app settings.

YouTube Premium Benefits

Becoming a YouTube premium member is probably the best way to download YouTube videos and is probably the most common way that YouTube will allow the form of excess on your mobile phone. This is a better and more legal way to get a glitch-free viewing experience than using savefromnet, y2mate com, or any youtube downloader.

YouTube premium has several benefits like allowing an ad-free experience with background downloads. It’s really irritating to see advertisements coming every few minutes on YouTube and a YouTube Premium subscription will take care of that.

The ads will be removed not only from your Mobile phone but also from your desktop YouTube viewing as well as the Youtube TV app while using Amazon fire stick on a Mi android box or related devices.

It has the further advantage of downloading YouTube music as well as continuing to play in the background while you are using other apps. The YouTube music experience will also be free of ads allowing you to actually enjoy your music. Even the YouTube Kids app will be ad-free.

Download YouTube videos to SD card

Did you know that you can download YouTube videos to an SD card on your mobile phone and save internal phone memory if you are a YouTube Premium member, or are enabled for video downloads in your region?

You can do this easily from app settings.

From Settings >Background & downloads > Turn on Use SD card

If there is not enough storage space on your SD card then again the videos will start to download on your phone’s internal memory. So always a good idea to choose an SD card with large storage space, as cheap SD cards are now available in the market.

So don’t rush to download Youtube MP3 as you can enjoy it this way legally. Youtube will not allow illegal Youtube video downloads as a lot of the content might be copyrighted and the content creator might have released limited rights for unpaid distribution. Forget y2mate mp3 video download, save from net and other such youtube download tools.

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