Download YouTube Kids App with Parental Controls

Now you can download YouTube kids app, a new YouTube experience for children. Google has launched this new YouTube app, built from the ground up, especially for streaming video content suitable for children of all ages. Parents can now allow their children to view YouTube videos without worrying about inappropriate content.

YouTube Kids App

The new YouTube Kids app features child-friendly content like National Geographic Kids, DreamWorks TV, Talking Tom, etc which children will just love to watch. It features a bigger and brighter interface that can be easily navigated by kids.

youtube kids app

It actually was a good idea for Google to create a separate YouTube kids app, because filtering and restricting content on the main YouTube site is difficult, and unsuitable content may slip through. A separate app allows Google to present the pre-approved content only, which is safe for viewing by children. This is sure to make parents happy, while enabling children to express the best content that YouTube offers for their learning experience.

YouTube Parental controls

It features several parental control features which parents would really like …

youtube timer

  • Shut down Timer – This is sure to make parents happy. You decide after how long the app will close down the session and warn the kid that time is up. No longer do you need to snatch the device from your kid.
  • Turn off sound – a nice feature to keep the background noise low. You can switch off the sound effects and background music score, and maintain quiet peace while doing your work. Of course, this gives kids a longer viewing time!
  • Disable search – you can turn off search and limit the number of videos to those seen on the home screen of the YouTube app.  Limit the choice and kids will turn the app off after viewing the limited videos.

Download the YouTube kids app right now from the  Google Play and App Store. (Not available on Yphone!)

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