Inside New Facebook Data Center at Arctic Circle [Photos]

The new Facebook data center went live near the Arctic Circle in  Luleå, Sweden this week and promises to be a state-of-the-art centre supporting live Facebook traffic across the world. It is notably the first Facebook data centre outside the US.

Facebook claims it is the most efficient and sustainable data center and all servers and related equipment is powered by locally generated hydro-electric energy. Why near the Arctic Circle in Sweden? So that the chilly  air can cool servers and even use the extra heat to warm offices. It also maintains the highest standards in that servers and power distribution systems are all based on Open Compute Project designs.

Lulea Facebook Data Center

Now check out some amazing photos of the new data centre.

facebook sweden

Check out the amazing clean, well lit, neat and cool servers.

facebook servers

facebook servers

Facebook Server Cooling

Also peek inside the cool offices, the huge windows with an amazing view and bright vibrant working environment.

facebook offices

The lounge areas are equally bright and lively.

facebook offices

Is it not one of the best places to get a job. Also peek inside the Google data centres (and how they save energy) and even look at the servers inside the nuclear bunker!


  1. Adele says:

    Amazing Data Center Pics.

  2. Kishore says:

    The brand new Myspace facts centre travelled are living near the Arctic Eliptical with Luleå, Sweden this particular 7 days and pledges becoming a state-of-the-art centre supporting are living Myspace targeted traffic around the globe. It is particularly the very first Myspace facts centre away from the US ALL

  3. philip says:

    It is nice to see such amazing and rare pics of data center..Thanks for sharing .

  4. Toko Komputer Jogja says:

    Wow , It’s amazing and big data center

  5. Toby Crabtree says:

    This is just awesome. Thanks for sharing these amazing pics of data center.

  6. Sani says:

    Wow that looks nice!

  7. Ted says:

    Wow, speechless.. i recommand you to check their facebook page you can see more photos there, that’s a dream job :)

  8. Md. Mizanur Rahman says:

    Its really breathtaking and works. Please post more.

  9. Kevin says:

    I always find pictures from inside large server rooms to be so mesmerizing, particularly all the intricately organized cables. It always looks like equal parts fun and nightmare to put together.

  10. Bookmark2you says:

    Wow… It’s nice work
    Please post more, You post are very helpul
    Thx. Admin

  11. Nikunj says:

    really gratte facebook data center photos. thanks for this.

  12. kuno-cpa says:

    Facebook Data Center its really cool thanks for sharing.

  13. Vijay Prakash says:

    wow what a office everybody should wish to work in that awesome office.

  14. Dimi Savva says:

    Wow! I love the fact that its all driven by Hydro-electric power.

  15. Karen L says:

    Every business needs a lounge like this for their employees, look at that lounge. One of the most overlooked aspects of business is making your employees happy. This looks like a thriving and productive work environment. Great pics.

  16. Adrian.M says:

    That’s the job of my dreams….

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