How Google Data Centers Save Energy

Google claims that Google-designed data centers use use much less energy than conventional facilities to feed and cool the computers inside. Google engineers have optimized every element in the data center, from the chip to the cooling tower. Do you know your personal computer uses more energy than Google Search to answer your query.

The Google five step plan explains how it works

  1. Minimize electricity used by servers
  2. Reduce the energy used by the data center facilities themselves
  3. Conserve precious fresh water by using recycled water instead
  4. Reuse or recycle all electronic equipment that leaves our data centers
  5. Engage with our peers to advance smarter energy practices

Their suggested Data Center Best Practices is a must read.

  1. Measure PUE. Know your data center’s efficiency performance by measuring energy consumption
  2. Manage air flow. Start with minimizing hot and cold air mixing and eliminate hot spots.
  3. Adjust the thermostat. Raising the cold aisle temperature will minimize chiller energy use.
  4. Use free cooling. Water or air-side economizers greatly improve energy efficiency.
  5. Optimize power distribution. use high-efficiency transformers and UPS systems.
  6. Buy efficient servers. Specify high-efficient servers and data storage systems.

Google has been an active leader in conserving global energy. Remember how Google generates solar energy, and had switched off it lights to make the Google homepage black (though black pages may not save energy). Is your webhosting Green?

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