Play Cube Slam Game Online

Play Cube Slam game online and explore the integrated modern web technologies which take gaming to new levels. Cube Slam is a simple game which my son seems addicted to and cannot stop playing. While at first glance it seems simple to play, as you win and reach higher game levels, the game gets faster and more complex and worth playing.

Cube Slam Game Online

cubeslam game

You can play it single player against the ‘bear’ or choose to play with a friend online.

So what is special about Cube Slam? It is the unique mix of  modern open source technology deployment that goes behind it that is amazing. Cubeslam is built using WebRTC (video chat with friends in the browser without plugins), getUserMedia API  accesses your webcam/microphone, RTCPeerConnection sends audio/video feed to your friends, RTCDataChannel keeps the game in sync, WebGL/ three.js/CSS3 provide real-time 3D rendering gaming and the list goes on and on. It is built on Google Cloud Platform with the app hosted on Google App Engine.

Did I forget to mention that this requires Google Chrome Browser to play! I tried it on Internet Explorer and it informed “Browser not supported” and urged me to install Chrome. What are you waiting for – if you got Chrome (which you must have anyway), play Cube Slam online now. Play more games online like Minesweeper, Angry Birds or Cut The Rope

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