Play Cut The Rope Online Game Free

You can now play ‘Cut the Rope‘ game online for free. Zeptolabs has created an online version of the popular game which you can play on your browser right now.

Note that Cut the Rope is a premium paid app and iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones for as low as $0.99. But you can play many Cut the Rope levels for free online. Although the site suggests it works with Internet Explorer 9, I could play easily with Google Chrome.

Play Cut-The-Rope Game Online

cut the rop game online

Play Cut the Rope game online free right now at (Ideally requires latest IE browser). The game was made in HTML5 and grants 25 game levels on IE9 for free. If you pin Cut the Rope to your Windows 7 taskbar, behold as IE9 takes on game look and unlocks 7 exclusive levels never seen before for  lots of Om Nom candy eating fun!

Many popular games are getting available (like play Angry Birds online) and they are promoting new ways (play Angry Birds or Fruity Ninja on any website) to draw online visitors to play these games for free in their browser, get addicted to the game and then purchase game apps for playing the game anywhere, anytime on their mobile phones or tablets.

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  1. ajmal says:

    Nice game, looks like some fun added like angry birds

  2. novelyn says:

    nice game.. i love it

  3. yasmin says:

    wow looks like lots of fun

  4. Phoenix Lashes says:

    cool ….

  5. james says:


  6. Shane says:

    It is relay good this game it’s like the best game ever

  7. Jessie says:

    Really fun game!

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