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Paytm First Game: 5 Reasons to Play

paytm first games

Playing a Paytm First Game is the hottest gaming buzz in India. All want to play games online, have fun, relax and de-stress, and a platform like Paytm First Games can help with that. This is the ideal place for any online card game and sports enthusiasts. The platform is bringing in fantasy football, cricket,… Read more »

Pacman 30th Anniversary: Play PacMan Online Free

play pacman online

You can celebrate Pacman 30th Anniversary by playing PacMan Online free on Google! Pacman is a very popular video game that has inspired a whole generation of young gamers hunting Pacman ghosts when the powerful gaming consoles and even HD video games were not available. Play PacMan Game Online Google released a special Google Doodle… Read more »

New Angry Birds Go! Kart Racing Game

angry birds go

Angry Birds Go! is a brand new kart racing game featuring the popular Angry birds racing downhill in up-gradable karts, using special powers and flinging piggies along the way. Based on the previews, it incorporates the best features of several popular games and is sure to be a blockbuster. Angry Birds Go! It will be… Read more »

Megan Fox, Female Shooters in Call of Duty Ghosts [Video]

megan fox in call of duty

If you have viewed the latest Call of Duty Ghosts video, it features Megan Fox as the female shooter in the game. I have been playing the hugely popular Call of Duty games since many years now and have never encountered a female shooter in the game. While other popular games like Gears of War and… Read more »

Play Cube Slam Game Online

cubeslam game

Play Cube Slam game online and explore the integrated modern web technologies which take gaming to new levels. Cube Slam is a simple game which my son seems addicted to and cannot stop playing. While at first glance it seems simple to play, as you win and reach higher game levels, the game gets faster… Read more »

First Look: New Xbox One Gaming [Videos]

xbox one

Microsoft revealed the new Xbox One, the next generation gaming console which promises to redefine modern gaming. Powered by the cloud, it will re-position itself as your all in one home entertainment system, allowing seamless switching from live TV to movies to music to gaming of course – and did you know you can use… Read more »

500 Free Amazon Coins to Kindle Fire Users

amazon coins

If you own a Kindle Fire in US, Amazon just deposited 500 free Amazon coins into your account. Amazon coins promise to change the way you buy Kindle Fire apps and games and even in-app purchases – and the free Amazon coins is a great way to get all customers started experiencing it. Free Amazon… Read more »

Play Minesweeper Online: Free HTML5 Game

play minesweeper online

Play minesweeper game online for free in HTML 5 on the IE10 Test website which showcases the modern beautiful design and exceptional performance in a new gaming avatar. Minesweeper is by far the most popular Windows game which comes preloaded with Windows computers for several years. Minesweeper has a dedicated following of gamers and promises… Read more »

Introducing Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4) [Videos]

dualshock 4 controller

Sony has announced the launch of its much awaited Sony Playstation 4 or PS4 gaming console and it promises to change the future of gaming.  PS4 will provide immersive gameplay and promises powerful graphics and speed, with intelligent personalization, social networking and  second-screen features! Sony Playstation 4 Some of the new Sony Playstation 4 games expected are Killzone:… Read more »

Microsoft IllumiRoom: Future Gaming Beyond Your TV Screen

Microsoft IllumiRoom

If the Microsoft IllumiRoom concept gets popular, future video gaming could extend beyond your TV screen, and it would not make any difference whether your TV screen size for gaming is 32 inches or 84 inches, as your TV video game experience will fill the living room beyond your wildest imagination. Microsoft IllumiRoom Microsoft Research has… Read more »