Preview Angry Birds Space [Videos]

Rovio is gearing up to present Angry Birds Space which promises to take the popular game beyond earth into space. After many teasers, the new Angry birds have been revealed and they look cool in their new avatar.

In typical style to build anticipation the new Angry Birds game, they are are gradually revealing more in the game teasers. Your favorite Red Bird got a new powerful upgrade!

Angry Birds Space

angry birds space

They even have a game announcement by a NASA scientist Don Pettit from the International Space Station, who explains how Angry Birds gameplay will be different depending on zero gravity, orbital slingshots, varied gravity trajectory and many space effects

Angry Birds Space is launching on March 22!

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  1. jodan @ Dan Post Boots Review says:

    This is a great post, the fact that you were able to compile all of the trailer videos together has probably built up an incredible frenzy of excitement of the newest game in the Angry Birds Series. I, personally, have just got the game for my Android Tablet and, in all honesty, these trailer videos have made me want to play the game more than ever before. Once again great post, and thanks for the information.

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