6 Useful Blog Proofreading Tips

Need some Proofreading Tips? Not only you, everybody is having problems with proofreading. One thing you should know is that a great post usually gets lots of people to head in and enjoying reading beyond the first paragraph of the post.

Just imagine how disappointed you’d be after crafting great content and failing to carry the momentum with unexpected glaring errors.

Proofreading Tips

proofreadBefore you leave, follow these 6 tips for your most recent post and carry on the momentum of blogging.

1. Walk away and come back  after an hour

Bloggers usually write a post and then immediately publish it. But don’t!  Walk away and come back after an hour to refresh your mind then check it. Proofreading a killer article is important – break it up one by one and walk away then come back to proofread it. By doing the above, you’ll spot more errors.

2. Ask your friends for help

You’re tired because you’re hard-working. Find a blogger or a friend who has a good relationship with you to spot out more errors on the post. No matter how careful you are at spotting errors, your eyes will skip over many errors in the post. So you really need someone to help you out.

While you’re asking your friends to check mistakes on the blog post, ask your friends to read your post first and see if they are clearly getting information from your post. Remember, your voice and checking mistakes on posts are a completely different story.

3. Use spell and grammar checker

Spell and grammar checker would be great even if you are a flawless speller. When writing blog posts, time and the hurry is really confusing and might cause many errors. Using spell and grammar checker will help you write better.

However, relying on software is not good enough because it will change what you want to bring to your readers, particularly the grammar checker. Don’t let it change the meaning of a sentence. Reread many times by yourself and repeat tip number 1 to spot more errors.

4. Double your proofreading times

Do you just check post errors once? Check it twice. After once, save your post as a draft for going over by others and then come back for another proofread of your post. It’s best to go through your draft multiple times and check for major errors.

5. Print out posts

Don’t ruin your eyes on any technology devices. What happens to your eyes when looking at it over a long time? Print it out and read it on a paper to search for elusive errors. Stay clever on a computer, stay an hour on it and rest for 15 minutes. You’re going to live longer or blog longer when you keep your body healthier.

6. Read it out loud

Start by making your post font size bigger for your eyes and read it out loud. See if your voice is lovely to your readers and find subject-verb agreement errors. Blog posts typically take on a conversational tone. Choose a tone for your blog and keep it consistent for your readers.

Build instant credibility to readers with these 6 proofreading tips and I’m still hoping that I’m not missing any others proofreading tips, if yes, then please add it below the comment.

This is a guest article by Ferb L Wong from FerBlog.com. He always loves to provide valuable information to you and works hard on every single thing. Now he is trying to improve his blog’s RSS feed and really appreciates your support.


  1. Johnny Wirjosandjojo says:

    Print out posts? Super-agree with that

  2. Cleakstar says:

    Great tips. Thanks for sharing

  3. Chintan Jain says:

    I always concentrate on reading and reading again the post which always makes me better than before

  4. Ferb says:

    Hi Johnny, Thank you comment on my post.

  5. Ferb says:

    Hi Cleakstar, no problems, I share as much as I can.

  6. Sarah of Internet Advertising says:

    As meticulous as I am, I never forget to proofread my articles at least 5 times. It’s very important if you’re aiming for quality in your content, especially if your blog is intended for internet advertising.

  7. Sonia says:

    All the tips are very informative and useful too. but i like the point no. 3 most check spelling and grammar as we noticed that many posts have same mistakes many times..

  8. HillPhillips says:

    I Liked all your tips.Its really makes improvement in Online English. Online English professional English editing guarantees that research papers are edited by experts., and it has specialization in improvement service for whose native language is not English.

  9. KingJohn says:

    Excellent tips. Thanks for your great tips for English improvement. These things which you have mentioned can really make better impression on your readers and you always try to get something out of box with better quality for your readers, thanks for sharing.

  10. Karen says:

    I always take a break when I do proofreading to clear my mind. I also do meditation to focus on my task.

  11. Owais Sabir says:


    This is a very nice piece of article especially for new bloggers who are more prone to make several mistakes in their blogs and leave bad impression for the readers. There is another Tip that one should enlarge the fonts of the article for proofreading so that mistakes can be spotted easily without utilizing much of your energy.

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