Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch [Videos]

Samsung has launched its Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch, and it promises to change the wearable technology market like never before. Previously there have been various attempts to create smart watches by several technology companies like Sony, and though the rumored Apple iWatch is still awaited,  some smart watches like the Pebble have become very popular. The Samsung Galaxy Gear watch promises to make these watches mainstream technology and is bound to be popular.

Samsung Smart Watch

samsung watchThe Samsung watch features a 1.63-inch Super AMOLED panel with  320×320 px resolution. The camera is mounted on the watch strap and captures 1.9 megapixel  photos and 10-second 720p videos with an auto-focus lens. It is powered by a single-core 800MHz Exynos processor. It has  a metal face with buckle straps available in 6 shades. It has 4GB on board storage capacity and the  315mAh battery will last a day.

The watch will easy connect with your Samsung Galaxy smartphone and has support for nearly 70 apps like Pocket, Path, Evernote, RunKeeper, and Runtastic Pro! The Galaxy Gear is expected for sale globally in late September for estimated price of $299. [Image credits to Engadget].

Watch this exciting hands on video

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