Watch Hindi TV Serials Online on Youtube

Now you can watch Hindi TV serials online as most popular TV channels have Youtube shows. Google has partnered with top channels like Sony, Imagine, Colors to upload over 19000 episodes of Indian TV serials on YouTube Shows so that Indian TV viewers can catch the latest serials online.

Watch TV Serials Online

youtube shows

Visit Youtube Shows and then choose Catch Up TV.  You can easily sort serials by Language – English or Hindi. Then you can choose by date and browse to find you missed episode by day and watch serial online for free.

If you own a Internet-Ready TV, you can choose the Youtube widget or browse around the Youtube site and view your missed serial on your TV itself instead of your computer or iPad.

hindi tv serials

Infact now all Hindi serials have their own Youtube show urls, where you can watch the latest episodes, catch up on all missed serial episodes and even watch the entire serial archive on the respective TV channel archives.

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