5 Best Gaming Keyboards for Power Gamers

Power Gamers should buy the best gaming keyboard available. A powerful gaming keyboard gives you a lot of advantage over other players by allowing you to tap your gaming skills to the max with programmable buttons, macros, anti-ghosting, and more essential gaming features. Buy these best gaming keyboards on Amazon.

Best Gaming Keyboards

Remember that new users may find more complicated to operate, but a powerful gaming keyboard combined with a gaming mouse will guarantee an unfair advantage over your gaming opponents surely. Here are the best gaming keyboards in random order.

1. Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

This is the first mechanical gaming keyboard designed for a whole new feel and accelerated gameplay. A full mechanical key infrastructure delivers distinctive tactile feedback, superior gaming-grade response and unsurpassed actions per minute with an extended lifespan of over 50 million keystrokes. Its five additional macro keys with on-the-fly recording and optimized key matrix allow you to stay in complete control.

Razer BlackWidow Gaming Keyboard

2. Logitech G19 Programmable Gaming Keyboard with Color Display

This Is the first Logitech keyboard to feature a color GamePanel LCD. The tiltable, 320-by-240-pixel display provides valuable in-game information for over sixty games. In addition to in-game information, the screen can show VoIP communication data, clock, CPU load, or other non-gaming specific items such as pictures or videos. User-selectable character backlighting color plus  12 fully programmable G-keys with 3 macros per key. A game/desktop mode switch lets you disable the Windows /Context Menu keys so you don’t get accidentally out of your game.

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Logitech G19 Gaming Keyboard

3. SteelSeries Merc Stealth Gaming Keyboard

Features 34 dedicated gaming terrain keys, making it easier than ever to walk, run, jump, crouch, and move directionally in games. The gaming terrain keys, tilted at an 11 degree angle, are ergonomic and comfortable even during long gaming sessions. The keyboard features 3 different illumination colors (blue, red and purple), which can be set to 4 different illumination modes (subtle, ambient, intense and off). Rubberized movement keys offer superior response.Z Engine comes with over 125 pre-defined key mapping layouts that you can use to jump quickly into your favorite games.

SteelSeries Merc Gaming Keyboard

4. SteelSeries 7G Gaming Keyboard

It redefines “anti-ghosting” by supporting as many simultaneous key presses as there are keys on the keyboard. The use of PS/2 combined with a gold-plated USB connector and 18K gold-plated mechanical switches, means it improves your ability to obtain more Actions Per Minute than any other keyboard. It features gaming grade response times and more than 6 times the durability of a traditional keyboard. It claims to give you the fastest reaction time, highest reliability, and the ability to perform very complex keyboard combinations.

SteelSeries7G Gaming Keyboard

5. Microsoft Sidewinder X6 Gaming Keyboard

Includes a detachable key pad, in-game macro recording, a full media key set, automatic and manual mode/profile switching, two-color dimmable backlighting, and much more. Choose right side or left side configuration or switch between standard key pad and macro pad in gaming mode. At the touch of a button, it doubles as your high-performance keyboard for everyday computing. Manually toggle the keyboard from standard mode to either of two gaming modes. Use Cruise Control to continue an action without having to hold down the key or keys assigned to the action.

Microsoft SidewinderX6 Gaming Keyboard

Add to this our 5 best gaming mice for power gaming. What is  your favorite gaming keyboard? Let us know in comments.

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