How to Delete / Close PayPal Account in 5 Easy Steps

How can you delete and close Paypal account? This article shows stepwise screenshot photos of closing a PayPal account and will guide Paypal users on how it is done what to expect.

There is no doubt that is one of the best services to receive money by freelancers and small businesses and to pay money online for many goods and services easily. However, sometimes people do need to delete/close their Paypal account for various reasons, maybe due to Paypal India restrictions.

NOTE: It’s a good idea to download (various formats available) and print ALL Paypal transaction records in case you need them again in the future.

Close Paypal Account

Here are the steps which enable you to close the account in minutes …

1. Paypal Login

After Paypal login, browse to My Profile > My Account Settings

close paypal account

2. Close Account Link

Find the Account category on the right side and click “Close Account”.

Close account

This will start the process of closing the account. But it is not a one-click procedure. Remember your account balance must be zero and you should have withdrawn all your money via bank transfer or cheque, or they will ask for that before you proceed.

Now they will warn you of that closing the account is final and both your account history and reputation number will be lost forever. They encourage you to visit the Paypal Help Center if you have other queries.

Close Paypal forever

3. Paypal Closing Reason

After you confirm, they ask for the reason you request closure of your Paypal account, to improve Paypal.

Close paypal reason

4. Final Paypal Close Confirmation

After you provide a reason you want to close Paypal, then they ask again for the final closure notice.

Close Paypal final

Now this is you last chance. There is no going back after this step. All your outstanding transactions will be canceled and your account closed.

Close Paypal Final Confirmation

5. Paypal Closed

If you click Continue now, your PayPal account is finally closed forever. You are logged out of Paypal and the same Paypal login will no longer work now.

paypal account closed

Although it seems like a lot of steps, permanently closing Paypal account just takes a few minutes. Remember that it is an irreversible process, that is why the steps are in place, should you decide to change your mind anytime. Paypal is a very useful money transfer service and do think twice before closing your account.