Grab Your Paypal.Me Vanity Url to Get Paid

Paypal now offers a free vanity url like to allow Paypal users to collect payments from friends, family and clients. Simply send your link, and ask your friends to pay for that group party or allow crowdfunding of your event by your fans, customers or clients.

It in fact changes the way people ask for money. By using your personal address, it makes it easier than ever for people to remember your pay url and easier way for you to ge paid.


Paypal will link it to your PayPal account. People can simply click on the link, select the amount and pay you quickly and easily. Now no longer feel awkward to ask money back – send your paypal link on email, Whatsapp or even SMS it and get paid by other Paypal users easily.

paypal pay

The video shows the many ways this url can be used.

So what are you waiting for Рgrab your own personal PayPal.Me link at before someone else does. The option is available in 18 countries as of now.

paypalme url

[If not in your country, to check it out, change the flag icon to US at bottom right and test it.]

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