Send Voice Messages in WhatsApp

How can you send voice messages in WhatsApp? Well they just introduced this new feature which allows the millions of Whatsapp connected users to communicate instantly using voice messages. Another great way to keep in touch with your friends and family in a more personalized way.

WhatsApp Voice Messages

The new WhatsApp voice messages are live and ready to use on all platforms right now (iPhone | Android | BlackBerry | Nokia | Windows Phone).

On my Windows phone, a new  microphone icon appears next to the text box – I just need to keep it pressed to record a message and send!  That’s it! The people who get the message simply need to press the play button to hear it. The green icon turn blue after the message has been listened to.

voice message

See this video to learn how to use the new voice messages across different mobile devices.

Another great feature from the hugely popular instant messaging tool. If you still do not use WhatsApp (with 300 million monthly active users!), do try it out and you might find it a better free way to chat with friends than Facebook, or other IM clients.


  1. Dean Saliba says:

    My girlfriend sends these instead of typing or sending a text, I’ve seen her sending these to other people and she will record the message and play it back to herself and if it isn’t 100% right she will delete it and try again, what is the point? Just type the message! hahaha

  2. Hyptia says:

    This option will make WhatsApp more special for those who wants to heard voice of their someone special.

  3. Mukesh Agarwal says:

    WhatsApp always lacked this feature, while other apps including Viber and WeChat always had Voice chat. It is a welcome addition and I hope they will improve their audio processing algorithms to make the call quality crisp.

    – Mukesh

  4. Amber says:

    Voice Messages is very esay to use our communication. The new WhatsApp voice messages is very nice app. I personally use it so i advice to everyone use this WhatsApp voice messages.

  5. Abhijith V M says:

    Its really a nice feature. Works like charm. Very fast msg delivery.

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