New Yahoo! Logos!

Yahoo! unveiled new logos after so many years as a sign of reinventing itself under new CEO Marrisa Mayer. The new logo(s) are a symbol of the changing new Yahoo! which is getting a new makeover with revamped great products and services. Yahoo! is ready to show you its new logos!

Here is the logo on the Yahoo Website right now.

yahoo logo

Compare this the original logo on Yahoo India right now

yahoo old logo

So is this the final Yahoo logo? No. Yahoo! is trying  a fun experiment by showcasing a new logo on everyday and encouraging netizens to visit the Yahoo! homepage everyday to see the new logos. This is actually logo of the day and they promise a new logo daily on, their Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr pages.

See the video below to experience some new Yahoo Logos over 30 days.

What has changed? New flat and modern design elements (like the new Microsoft logo)

What has not changed? The purple color is symbolic of  Yahoo! so it stays. The exclamation mark stays! and so does the characteristic Yahoo! yodel.

The final new Yahoo! logo will be revealed on Sept 4th at 9pm PT/Sept 5th midnight ET. I kind of still love the original logo.

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