See the New Microsoft Logo: Updated After 25 Years!

Have you seen the new Microsoft logo? In line with the new branding strategy of Microsoft products with unveiling of Windows 8 and the new Microsoft Office, Microsoft has finally updated the Microsoft logo after 25 years!

This is how the old Microsoft logo looked like for the last 25 years.
old Microsoft logo

The beauty was in the simplicity of the logo, which was of a single bold dark colour in italics, with the characteristic break between the O and S. There was no identifying image icon as such.

New Microsoft logo

This is how the new Microsoft logo looks like
Microsoft logo

You’ll appreciate the four new colours of red green blue and yellow in the new symbol. This resembles the floating 4 colour ribbon of Windows logo earlier. Now Microsoft can use the symbol to create a unique brand presence, and does not need to write the word Microsoft to show its logo. You will note that the favicon also now represents the symbol only.

Do you recognise the font? It is the Segoe font family. The text is now written in simple font with no special effects or logo design, and is much lighter in shade in line with recent web design trends.

Though I still don’t understand why the four colours resemble those of the Google logo as well.

Google logo

To create a seamless new look across different Microsoft platforms like computers, tablets, mobile devices and televisions – Microsoft has revamped its brand look completely as it gets ready to launch the next generation of Microsoft products like Microsoft Office, Windows 8, Windows phone 8, Xbox and many more.

Do you like the new Microsoft logo?

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