Find Copied Content with Copyscape Premium Plagiarism Checker

Copyscape premium is a useful tool to find your copied duplicate content scraped across different websites. All site owners want to find copied content online to avoid Google panda and penguin penalties, and though most of us try Google search to find the content, Copyspace provides an easier way to detect content theft.

Copyscape Plagiarism Checker

Copyscape is a popular service to counter plagiarism online and helps to find duplicate copies of your blog content across the web. We recommended it a few years back and have been using Free Copyscape services since, especially since dealing with our Google panda penalty, but it gives only 10 top results, though there could be hundreds of sites scraping your content.

Find Content Theft with Copyscape Premium

copyscapeYesterday I decided to upgrade to Copyscape premium. Initially I thought that it would be an expensive deal, but to my surprise they charge only $0.05 per premium search which gives you a list of all URLs copying your content. Most Webmasters need an expensive plagiarism checker tool, and I have found this tool to be very cheap for using on an infrequent basis and to check out a few URLs at a time.

Webmasters can also try Batch Sentry option which can check your entire site with all urls (upto 10,000 pages) by checking your XML sitemap in a single go (but remember that is thousands of searches and you will be charged accordingly). If you want to monitor a select few URLs only, try Copysentry, which will monitor selected URLs and inform the Webmaster whenever the content is copied, and the service is charged on a monthly basis.

Get Started with Copyscape Premium

Copyscape premium works on a credit points basis. You can purchase minimum of 100 credits which will cost $5 for 100 searches, and get a one-year validity to use all the credits. We personally use this $5 package and find it very useful for monitoring our website.

buy copyscape credits

So we purchased hundred credits and will now be able to perform 100 searches over the next year to using this plagiarism checker and be able to detect copied content scraped by RSS scrapers and other sites copying our content without attribution and permission with violation of our copyright policy.

Copyscape also gives you a URL to share your search results. This is how the Copyscape Premium search results for our website look like right now.

Copyscape premium results

It detected 66 results, many of which were valid like our feed and other websites which monitor the Post headlines, and then there were some sites which actually copied content. I have a busy week ahead to monitor our latest posts for copied content and take action. Which plagiarism checker do you use to find your copy content?

 [Note we have no financial or affiliate interest involved with Copyscape]

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