Buying Likes? Facebook Removes Fake Likes

Facebook is cracking down on fake Facebook likes, and will now remove Likes gained by malware, compromised accounts, deceived users, or purchased bulk Likes from Facebook marketing companies.

Showing off your Facebook likes count is in fashion.  There is an all out race among the brands to increase Facebook likes on Facebook pages by buying Facebook likes, to show the immense popularity of their Facebook page with the community and readers.

Facebook Removes Fake Likes

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Facebook does not like fake likes. Facebook terms have never supported the sale and purchase of Facebook likes. Now it seems Facebook has developed automated methods to detect these fake likes and remove them from these pages to display a more realistic number of real Facebook likes.

While there are many online services to buy Facebook likes, and there are many Facebook like buyers who desperately want to increase their Facebook like counts, this Facebook measure is bound to affect this business. This business also revolves around buying Google +1 votes, buying Twitter followers and YouTube views. It seems eventually all these marketing firms which artificially inflate the social media interaction will be affected.

Google and other search engines are laying more and more emphasis on social media signals on their search engine rankings algorithms. The presence of Fake likes gives a false impression about the popularity and Facebook is keen to have real people interact with real pages and get a true estimate of the Facebook page popularity.

Whenever this Facebook algorithm comes into play, it surely bound to drastically reduce the number of Facebook likes of people who have purchased them. Facebook repeatedly points out to its terms of service and encourages Facebook users and brands to follow their policies.

While we would all like 1 million fan followers, it is really difficult to actually get them, and people are smart enough to look through it. I showed you our million dollar AdSense income, which anyone can do by editing any web page to take a fake screenshot, but the fun is when the screenshot actually is real. [Image © Warren Goldswain –]

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