Never Buy Google Plus One +1 Votes

Want to buy Google Plus One +1 votes? Now several sites sell Google +1 votes for a fee. Webmasters add +1 buttons and get +1 votes which are said to influence search engine rankings and are now widely being promoted for good SEO.

As Google contemplates re-ranking sites based on their +1 votes as a proof of social media power, they need to look out that +1 votes can also be gamed.

Google’s Terms of Use

Be warned  – Google +1 has strict publisher policy and buying +1 clicks will  violate the Google guidelines and terms of use.

 Publishers may not promote prizes, monies, or monetary equivalents in exchange for Google+ button clicks.

It is best not to engage is buying +1 votes or encouraging people to click these buttons. Since Google is using +1’s as a way to get social signals to understand page popularity, gaming the plus ones is not an acceptable policy.

Buy Google +1 votes

There are many services we spotted where you can buy Google +1 votes. We have NO experience of using these sites or their reliability or eventual outcome with Google results.

buy google plus one

These services let you buy thousands of +1 votes for a few dollars! Many will claim that all +1′s come from Phone Verified Google+ Accounts, and real people (no bots or fake accounts) are engaged in manually clicking the +1 button on your site. They also claim the +1′s are being given from different IP’s and given over a couple of days so it looks natural!

Many emphasize that these will be non-targeted worldwide users who have low activity and high retention. Some can promise high quality +1 clicks from US, Canada or UK accounts. Others promise 72-96 hours delivery time and money back guarantee also

There are many services to buy Facebook Fans and Likes, but with plans of Google to use these +1 votes to influence search engine rankings of web pages, I hope they have anticipated that many such services will eventually crop up and will allow webmasters to buy +1 votes for a charge

Never buy Google +1 votes, they could someday be penalized.


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  3. Keshab raj says:

    I don’t think google has yet implemented Plus 1 to the search and I guess it will take a couple of years may be to implement that’s on real life.. I have seen still thousand of website BBC, CNN, TIME and rest of others big daily and more important sites are not even implementing plus one yet, other hand you can see, plus one doesn’t even support IE and Safari and there are more then 50% of users based on these browsers. so hard to say when and how they gonna implement google plus to the right way. Hope that will not effect google’s business from real life.

  4. Fans Plus Ones says:

    Google Plus Ones will be a powerful SEO technique. Right now though Facebook Fans Likes are more powerful and more trusted.

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  12. Marco says:

    The Google +1 button is similar to the facebook like button. However, I think the +1 button will dominate as the Google+ network grows.

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  19. bostjan says:

    Oh, come on, does anyone really thinks that buying those G+ will help him or her beat Google’s intelligence? I don’t think so.

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