Never Buy Google Plus One +1 Votes

Want to buy Google Plus One +1 votes? Now several sites sell Google +1 votes for a fee. Webmasters add +1 buttons and get +1 votes which are said to influence search engine rankings and are now widely being promoted for good SEO.

As Google contemplates re-ranking sites based on their +1 votes as a proof of social media power, they need to look out that +1 votes can also be gamed.

Google’s Terms of Use

Be warned  – Google +1 has strict publisher policy and buying +1 clicks will  violate the Google guidelines and terms of use.

 Publishers may not promote prizes, monies, or monetary equivalents in exchange for Google+ button clicks.

It is best not to engage is buying +1 votes or encouraging people to click these buttons. Since Google is using +1’s as a way to get social signals to understand page popularity, gaming the plus ones is not an acceptable policy.

Buy Google +1 votes

There are many services we spotted where you can buy Google +1 votes. We have NO experience of using these sites or their reliability or eventual outcome with Google results.

buy google plus one

These services let you buy thousands of +1 votes for a few dollars! Many will claim that all +1′s come from Phone Verified Google+ Accounts, and real people (no bots or fake accounts) are engaged in manually clicking the +1 button on your site. They also claim the +1′s are being given from different IP’s and given over a couple of days so it looks natural!

Many emphasize that these will be non-targeted worldwide users who have low activity and high retention. Some can promise high quality +1 clicks from US, Canada or UK accounts. Others promise 72-96 hours delivery time and money back guarantee also

There are many services to buy Facebook Fans and Likes, but with plans of Google to use these +1 votes to influence search engine rankings of web pages, I hope they have anticipated that many such services will eventually crop up and will allow webmasters to buy +1 votes for a charge

Never buy Google +1 votes, they could someday be penalized.

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