Download Free HP TouchPad Apps: Grab Promo Codes

Now you can grab promo codes to download premium HP TouchPad apps for free! In a deal for HP Touchpad customers, selected six Touchpad apps, that sell for upto $14.99 have been made available for free download for HP webOS customers, though the offer is for a limited time only. After the HP Touchpad sale and reduced HP Care packs, HP is all out to please new and old Touchpad buyers.

Free HP TouchPad Apps

Check out the six apps, with  their individual promo codes for free download. These promo codes will work only in the U.S.

free touchpad apps

  • Kung Fu Panda 2 Storybook : iStoryTime brings the fun and adventure of Kung Fu Panda 2 to your TouchPad. Parents and their children can enjoy images from the film and hear the voices of Po and Tigress directly from the movie.  (Costs $2.99, discount code: eotss76676jjzqr).
  • Glimpse – a Touchpad App designed to maximize your productivity by allowing you to perform multiple tasks simultaneously, using a unique (customizable) split-screen interface. (Costs $5, promo code:  injoj55410gavxv)
  • Big Boss : Create and evolve the meanest (or funniest or coolest) princess-eating monster in this humorous frantic-action game and show it to the world! (Costs $1.99, coupon code: vfimk09918lngoz):
  • Sparkle HD : Embark on an extraordinary journey to save Crowberry Woods on your TouchPad version of the popular desktop game. (Costs $4.99, promo code: pweuq32135vrbhx)
  • Camera for TouchPad : Take pictures with your HP TouchPad! Leverage your TouchPad’s front-facing camera to take great profile shots, or flip it around to take shots of whatever you want! (Costs $0.99, promo code rijon62171nhvtu)
  • Audubon Birds : The most comprehensive digital field guide to North American Birds available. (Costs $14.99, promo code: jjiox66488ddnik)
Promo code use requires HP TouchPad with functioning user profile; and  credit card purchasing enabled. The promo codes below will expire on August 31, 2011.

Update: All above codes are over. HP released a new 6 packand promo codes

  • Big Boss ($1.99, rlhul24446cnvjo)
  • Camera for TouchPad ($0.99, qnauu98845swgrt)
  • Angry Birds Rio HD ($1.99, xsgsc06319eeqrk)
  • Quell HD ($1.99, urber52865hgtqc)
  • Pennant ($4.99, ltrns51564vabdu)
  • FlightPredictor HD ($1.99, htukc87057kxshv)
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