Should You Buy Facebook Likes, Fans, Friends!

How can you increase Facebook fans / friends / likes? Simply buy Facebook auto likes. Showing off a large number of Facebook fans has become a status symbol of your site community and people are buying  Facebook Fans to increase Facebook fan numbers.

A whole new business model has developed for Facebook marketing services, but note that many of these activities violate Facebook terms of service and can get your account terminated/limited.

Facebook Terms of Use

Warning: Facebook terms clearly state that you should not buy likes for your Facebook pages and warns that Facebook accounts found engaged in such activities can be limited for violating their terms.

If Facebook’s spam systems detect that your Page is connected to this type of activity, we’ll place limits on your Page to prevent further violations of our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.

Buy Facebook Auto Likes /Fans / Friends

Buy Facebook Likes

There are many popular services which will increase Facebook fans for a price. The new social Facebook Marketing services can sell you thousands of likes and followers for a few hundred dollars. In fact, if you have the money, you can buy packages of millions of Facebook fans – and I am sure celebrities and big brands might be looking out for the deals.

These brand new targeted and real Facebook fans can be added slowly over weeks to years so it looks natural. Many of these services confirm clicks by real users and no bots or spamming. Most orders are covered under a Money Back Guarantee. 

Note that targeted fans are more expensive than non targeted fans. US and UK fans seem to be in extra demand and cost more. And obviously, the larger the number of fans for sale, the longer they will take to add to your account.

After people  buy Twitter followers and buy blog comments,  this was bound to happen. Now obviously a whole business has developed for Facebook marketing services. What are your thoughts on these services.

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