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What is the secret to increase Twitter followers? You can easily buy Twitter followers for a few dollars. As huge twitter follower counts represent prestige, some of them might actually be bought. Many new twitter follower services lets you actually buy Twitter followers.

Twitter Followers for Sale

I checked their prices and a starting package will get you 1000 twitter followers for a few dollars to a new or existing account in 7 days. You can buy 10,000 twitter followers for a few hundred dollars in a month. So you want more….

How about 100,000 Twitter followers! – that is sure to make you famous on Twitter. You can spend a few thousand dollars right now and buy 100,000 twitter followers, which are assured over the next 365 days! You might also join the list of Twitter celebrities and I am sure brands are always looking to increase their social presence.

buy twitter followers

And this is just one of them. A quick Google search will reveal many more buy Twitter follower services. Some let VIP members can get up to 300 followers per day! For a few dollars, you can get hundreds of Twitter followers instantly or spread over weeks to look natural.

Twitter marketing

As Twitter is now bigger than Digg and Twitter addiction is on the rise, Twitter marketing is going to become big business and its actually a form of investment to have more Twitter followers. I am sure there are many people out there who are buying Twitter followers to enhance their Twitter profile and the race is on to get the maximum Twitter followers. How can anyone find out if someone bought followers, as they will gradually increase in number simulating normal growth, without raising suspicion.

Of course the best way to get thousands of Twitter followers every day is to get on the suggested users list, and people are willing to pay $120,000 dollars per year to get on the that list. While selling Twitter followers was frowned upon, some used the charity deal to increase Twitter followers.

Anyway all this adds a lot of distrust to Twitter follower counts and flaunting your steeply rising counts may not be believable anymore. Follow us on Twitter for free, and find truly amazing genuine Twitter followers.

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