Will Twitter Sell Suggested Users for $120,000/Year?

I told you the secret to gaining 10000 Twitter followers per day. Since even the most popular Twitter users just cannot compete with Suggested users, will Twitter sell these top slots to the highest bidder?

Techcrunch has confirmed that Mahalo CEO Jason Calacanis, with over 60000 Twitter followers, believes that getting on the top 20 Twitter suggested list might be worth as much as a Superbowl ad (over $1 million) within five years and is offering Twitter $250,000 to lock in a spot on the suggested list for two years, or $120,000 for one year. He foresees it as a great marketing opportunity. What will Twitter do?

If Twitter decides to sell these spots, they can easily earn millions of dollars every year simply by selling Suggested users spots. And the people who pay that amount of money get thousands of Twitter followers everyday and increase their ‘reach’ dramatically. Check out the Twitter users with maximum followers today and see the list change.

I really hope Twitter develops a more transparent system of suggesting Twitter users to follow, and targets them based on the Twitter user tweets and friends. But then twitter might see this as a great advertising revenue earning opportunity and sell some top slots as featured users.

Even selling your Twitter account is the new way to make money online. How much will you pay to get into the Twitter suggested user list?

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