Suggested Twitter Users Gain Thousands of Followers Everyday

Why do Britney Spears, NYT, Gaurdian get thousands of new Twitter followers everyday? Simple. If you are the privleged few to get a place in the Twitter Suggested Users list, you are featured on the accounts and sign up pages of thousands of Twitterers daily, and then its not difficult to increase Twitter followers by thousands everyday .

Its being reported that several high-profile Twitter accounts are getting astronomical jumps in new Twitter followers, tens of thousands of new followers, in some cases. While most Twitter users find it difficult to draw even a few hundred followers, how were they getting thousands of new followers every day?

Suggested Twitter Users

Twitter recently introduced a new feature called Suggested users, which you can also locate in your Twitter account at Find People > Suggested Users. This suggests some top Twitter users which you can subscribe to, which includes many top media houses, top blogs, celebrities and Twitter staff etc.

I was tempted to check out my list of suggested users and check the rise of their new Twitter follower counts on Behold the huge rise and I don’t need to to tell you when they all went live on the suggested users list …

twitter suggested users

Note that these users are not suggested on basis of your Twitter friends or tweeting habits, but as a preselected list. So obviously, if you are on the Suggested users list, you will attract thousands of new followers. It also helps Twitter promote their brand by suggesting that top celebrities are using Twitter. Now all these users are making it to the top Twitter users list at

While Brook Baynes wondered if fake followers were gaming the system, Evan, CEO of Twitter pointed in the comments that these are not fake followers, but new users who have yet to add profile icons and updates. He mentions that since new users do not follow anyone, it is a good idea to suggest some popular users to them to get started.

I would like the Suggested User feature to be more transparent and suggest targeted users based on your Tweeting habits or of Tweeple you follow. The Suggested users title till then should be changed to more like “Featured Users” or “Popular Users“.

So the secret is out, its not about increasing your Twitter followers by a few hundred, but by a few thousand every day. If you want thousands of Twitter followers in one day, coax the Twitter staff to add you to the Suggested Users List today… and watch your twitter followers number zoom like never before.

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  1. Arun Basil Lal says:

    I wonder why they havent added all their staff to the suggested list (or am i wrong?). Anyhow some of them (like ) doesnt have the ‘1000’s of followers’

    Maybe I should send them a million dollar check to include me too there.. :)

  2. Ajay says:

    let me try this

    • Debjit says:

      Including a “Follow on Twitter” button on your website also helps in gaining twitter followers.

  3. The Free Observer says:

    This, If true, is yet just another channel of the Athlete/Celebrity Distraction Fantasy, and Twitter is planning to cash in on it.

    People need to wake up and pay attention to what is really going on in the U.S.A. This Summer is going to be a wake up call for many.

  4. Patrick says:

    Isn’t MrTweet ( a better approach? I’ve used it and found it useful.

  5. Senior says:

    I agree that Twitter should recommend followers based on tweets. I think that instead of having a suggested users page, if they want to promote famous users, they should have a directory with categories such as actors, singers, authors, politicians, etc.

  6. Mark Kulaga says:

    Look up. I wonder what it would be like to have thousands of followers….

    (dream sequence)

    Wakes up moments later to dog clawing to go outside. Well, the fame was nice while it lasted.


  7. Training Articles says:

    Very nice article and ways to try, l am going to try it now, wish can get some for my new sites:)

  8. Technology Blog says:

    So you mean we have to update hourly on twitter in order to get 1000’s of followers?

  9. Rob O. says:

    Ok, so who do we hafta bake homemade brownies for to get on that list?

  10. chris kluis says:

    If they are recommending followers in the start-up process then they won’t know your tweet history.

    They should have some form of pick your top 5 interests, top 5 geographic locals, etc to generate that list.

    But if they don’t fix it… I wouldn’t mind one of those spots.


  11. TheBusyBrain says:

    In a nutshell, as @Ev says, it is to show the new users SOMETHING instead of nothing! The problem with the earlier sign-up process was that people would get an account, but have noone to follow! At least with the recommendation engine, they now have some sort of exposure to activity, and tweets to get their Twitter ball rolling!

    The downfall to this technique is that the “lucky few” have amazingly quick, non-organic growth. The recommendation engine defaults to “Select All” on the recommended list!

    On a side note, this gives you a pretty good assessment to the daily growth numbers of Twitter overall! It seems to be averaging in the 7,000 – 10,000 users per day area! Not bad!

    Great article!

  12. TheBusyBrain says:

    Ohh… also…

    Let’s keep in mind that this recommendation engine is only in 1.0! It is very evident that they have a LOT of ideas and alterations to this feature in the pipeline!

  13. Cassie ST says:

    Who wants 1000s of followers anyway? Are we really *that* interesting to so many people we don’t know?

    Like my Grandma used to say, “Quality – not quantity”.

    • Kelly Johnson says:

      If we’re talking about friends, I would agree. But some of us would like more followers as an audience to promote our services, blogs, etc.

  14. Sweton F Fleming says:

    Twitter follwers can be made to follow with these tactics quite effectively???Well i will try it buddy.

  15. rabin_galan says:

    trying a lot to increase the nos of followers and its getting harder everytime.

  16. Abi says:

    Seems like the ones who are selected to be Suggested users only celebrities or blog celebrities and do people like us have a chance to be there, or what is the best method to coax the employees? Should we just follow them and ask them to select us?A

  17. Kelly Johnson says:

    Thanks for the tips. I’ve also tried MrTweet and found it useful.

  18. fs says:

    and how exactly do you get on the list? how do i “coax” the staff. some more info about how please

  19. isaac says:

    I think there are no foolproof methods of increasing twitter followers. it varies from person to person

  20. adam says:

    thanks for this helpful topic and you can use my way in get thousands of follower in one day

  21. tin says:

    Hundred followers is just fine with me.

  22. Elivan says:

    What´s the point in suggesting to new users famous people if those celebrities hardly ever user Twitter or follow anyone?

    I see new users being led to think by following a celeb they´ll get a follow back which isn´t true in most cases.

    VERY bad strategy Twitter.

  23. Mohammad Sameer Hasan says:

    Please add me under suggested targeted users so i can be known in more places.

  24. pavielle says:

    well i don’t know i guess i don’t have enough friends

  25. websnacker says:

    Good post. While I do use some tools to increase the numbers, my twitter growth has been more organic and I would give credit to my blog.

    If you write good content on a niche or tweet useful stuff or stuff your followers would like, you can see a natural increase. Being everything for everyone doesn’t work.

  26. IFRS says:

    Its an uphill task to add followers to your twitter profile as twitter just doesnt even attempt to increase ur followers… Facebook recommends your Page to the friends of exisiting members and that is how the prospective members are attracted to join… But its sad that Twitter doesnt have this feature

  27. gab says:

    follow @ trafficnonstop for great service

  28. Surya says:

    Nice twitter tips to increase traffic

  29. Edward Franklin says:

    How exactly do you “coax twitter staff”, besides I think they include people in the list randomly anyway.

  30. hymath md says:

    I wonder why they havent added all their staff to the suggested list (or am i wrong?). Anyhow some of them doesnt have the ’1000′s of followers’

  31. prince kapoor says:

    yeah mrtweet works i tried it recently

  32. Jon says:

    ok, so what are some tricks to getting on this list?

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