Selling Twitter Accounts to Encash Twitter Followers

Selling your Twitter account is the new way to make money online. Its not easy to get followers on Twitter who spend time reading your tweets. However, famous bloggers can attract a lot of followers who read every word about what these blogebrities are doing right now. So what happens if they sell these Twitter accounts…

It started when reports appeared that Rocketboom founder Andrew Baron decided to sell his Twitter account @andrewbaron, including the followers on ebay. He posted that it would be silly to delete the account, and the auction winner would get all his followers!

Luckily Twitter allows you to change the name of the account at anytime. So anyone who buys this Twitter account can easily change name and get this ‘pre-installed audience’. Ideally these followers should start unsubscribing when the owner changes, but instead followers have increased from 1397 to 1582 right now as the buzz gets across. The auction bid which started at $0.99 has has rocketed to $1125 now with still 8 days to go… Anything sells, you just need the right buzz. Its surprising that Twitter allows this sale…

Update: Is he getting second thoughts and decided not to sell after all as the buzz suddenly made the Twitter conversations very active!

Would you sell your followers like this to earn a few dollars? We won’t. Morever, it seems seeling Twitter accounts for money now violates Twitter terms of service and can get your account deleted forever.



  1. Ben Bonilla says:

    As a top Twitter business user, I was sent an advance copy of the Tweet Adder System for my review. This is by far the best Networking Tool I have used for Twitter!

  2. Dubbed Anime Stream says:

    Wow, upto $1k+ for a twitter account. That must’ve been insanely lucky. People’re selling twitter followers – for about 1k – $80 nowadays.

  3. Mary Jane says:

    thanks but how do i sells my twitter

  4. Fabian Ramirez says:

    I’ve considered selling but a lot goes into getting followers. This is the reason I have not done so, plus it feels like i’m not being loyal to my followers by selling them to someone else.

  5. romit garg says:

    i have some twitter accounts but i dont know how to sell tell me if any one can help

  6. Chase Wittmer says:

    Many thanks for taking this chance to talk about this, I am strongly regarding it and I make use of learning about this subject. If at all, as you gain data, please update this site with new information. I have discovered it extremely useful.

  7. Kean Yao says:

    How much would my account costs, it has 2,000 followers?

  8. shazeb says:

    i have ids for sale yahoo + twitter. new ids.

  9. barbz says:

    i have a twitter accout thats has 110 000 followers and i want to sell it incase there is a buyer

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