Who Has Maximum Twitter Followers?

How many Twitter followers do you have? Twitter has become a buzz word of sorts and as everyone is rushing to grab a twitter account and start microblogging, some famous twitterers have gathered a mass following of thousands of followers. Can you guess who has the maximum number of twitter followers… over 65000!

I checked out TwitDir, a Twitter directory where I could find out the top 100 followed people on Twitter. It reveals @Ijustin (of Tasty Blog Snack), @CNN and @Techcrunch (of Techcrunch), @Leolaporte (of Life of Leo) are topping the charts with 65535 followers each (the exact same number of followers, coincidence or is it a bug!). Maybe I should start following one of them and break the synchrony.

As new twitters, you will realize how difficult it is to get even a few followers. And getting thousands of people to follow each word you say and reply to it… is amazing. It makes you a famous netizen by itself. Do you follow me on Twitter.

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