How to Create Cool Usernames

Username has many important qualities, it instantly represents you. If you join a social networking site, then you need to have a cool username to gain focus and visibility. Username should be creative, and unique and should be able to represent you in all means.

Consider Twitter for instance, people look at your username before looking at your profile, so it should also attract users to your profile to become popular on social networking sites. For email, you have to choose a simple and short username such that people can remember it easily.

Cool Creative Usernames

coolThink creatively when you are choosing a username, try to be different at the same time. So how can you be creative and unique? Well here is how!

  • The first thing to remember is others need to remember your username, so keep it short and cool.
  • Misspells have a great impact and look different from others. For example, you can use Krazy instead of crazy. But too many misspells spoils the beauty of the thing.
  • Using too many numbers and special characters is not advisable. You can use one or two numbers like your birthday at the end of the name e.g. krazy11
  • Most of the sites do not accept special characters in the username field so check for its availability first.
  • As microblogging is a hot trend, people can write short messages up to 140 characters only. So keep your username short to save characters.
  • Your username should not be a tough twister and it should be easy to pronounce so that you do not find it difficult to tell others.
  • If possible try to include your first name in the username so that people can easily find you.

If you are not sure about a cool username, then you might want to check out this username generator website to generate a username for you. All that you have to do is type in your name and grab the username that has been generated.

Cool Business Usernames

If you are looking for a username for your business or want to create an Email ID that is cool and represents you perfectly then:

  • Try to abbreviate your organization name. If it has multiple words at the end of it add a word that represents your product. For example software company A—- B—- C—- try something like
  • Twitter is a good platform to promote your business. To gain more followers on Twitter use the same trick as above, do not worry if the username is little long. As long as it says what your business is all about. For example ABC_softTech
  • You can also use your company URL as a username so that you best represent your company.

To check the availability of the username on various sites check out and know the availability on various social networking sites and web based email services in seconds.

If you have selected a unique username, then it should be available on most of the sites or if it is a common one try making something unique, creative and special.

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