Guest Blogging Guidelines

QuickOnlineTips is a reputed destination for guest blogging on the web. QOT is targeted by guest bloggers to share their tips and tricks, showcase writing skills and attract more guest blogging assignments. We invite you to write a guest article on Quick Online Tips. Showcase your writing skills and great content to a dedicated community of tech experts, geeks and bloggers. Read more about us and the traffic which we get.

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Benefits of Guest blogging on QOT

  • Trusted by guest bloggers – QOT is a popular destination and we go out of the way to give exposure to your blog. There are over 200+ guest posts in this site.
  • Free Targeted Publicity – get huge exposure to a targeted dedicated group of QOT readers which comprise tech experts, geeks, and bloggers.
  • 25,000 RSS readers – Your article reaches the RSS feed readers of 25000 dedicated RSS feed readers instantly, so you get instant readership when your article goes live.
  • Free Social Media Promotion –¬† All our guest articles are also posted to our Facebook (132,000+ fans) and Twitter (4000+ followers) pages which increase the chance of free social media viral promotion.
  • Featured on Homepage – The best articles are often made sticky and stay on top of the front page for many days, getting your article all the exposure it needs.
  • Guest blogger community – Guest bloggers are added to the Twitter Guest Bloggers List where the Twitter community can find them.
  • More Guest Articles – if you like the response, you can submit more articles and showcase your talent and get additional guest blogging opportunities.


Gotta say I’m very pleased with Guest Posting on QOT – lots of traffic – best business decision I’ve made. Regards.

Patrick Curl via email

I must say that it has been a pleasure to guest blog at QuickOnlineTips. The editorial staff are fast in responding the submission and often times provide useful insights for better articles and improvements. In my short time submitting guest posts here, I have found that QuickOnlineTips has become a major source of high quality traffic and visitors.

Hans David via comment

Articles We Accept

  • Niche topics – see what we write and what our readers like to get a better response. We talk tech, advertising, marketing, computers, gadgets, blogging, WordPress, SEO, Google, tips, tricks, hacks etc.
  • Original unique content – not published on your blog or any other blog in original or any modified form.
  • Exclusivity – the same article cannot be modified and published elsewhere. You can link back to the article from your blog to let your readers know about your article.
  • Free to promote your article – on social media like Twitter, Digg, Fark, Stumbleupon, etc.

Articles We Don’t Accept / Common Rejection Reasons

  • Sponsored paid articles/links
  • Previously published in same/modified form on your/any other site
  • Self-promotional articles for your product/service
  • Promoting individual products/services/ companies
  • Containing affiliate links / Sponsored links/keyword links
  • Containing links for unrelated sites /deep links
  • Links solely for purpose of anchor text for keyword SEO
  • Hidden info /Misrepresentation of facts
  • Fake author info
  • Writing for third party sites
  • Inappropriate/abusive language
  • Defamatory content / suggestion
  • Linking out to banned sites/adult sites/redirects
  • NSFW links or NSFW images
  • Copyrighted content
  • Too short
  • Poor quality images
  • Not following formatting guidelines

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