Changing Profile and Challenges of Guest Blogging

The profile of guest blogging is changing across the blogosphere. It’s not uncommon to find more and more blogs denying guest posts and switching to publish their own content. QOT was one of the earliest guest blogging blogs and it was saddening to see the changing profile of guest blogging –  it is no longer an attempt of new bloggers to showcase their writing skills on big blogs for extra site traffic and community building – it got converted into a way to get free links.

Changing Profile of Guest Blogging

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Have you wondered why some of your other favorite sites like Problogger and DailyBlogTips stopped accepting guest posts in 2013? Over the years guest blogging has emerged into a big business to hire freelance writers and SEO agencies to post guest blogs on big reputed sites and get free backlinks.

Unsuspecting bloggers allowed guest post content encouraged by free content and more search engine traffic … But Google has to penalize this free links market someday. We restricted guest posts drastically with tighter guidelines and warned guest blogs about the risks of guest blogging and why Google will penalize guest blogs someday.

Google Might Penalize Guest Blogs

Google recognized the growing market of guest blogging and how good blogs were being converted into guest blogging article depots, linking out to bad neighborhoods and sites engaged in spammy Internet marketing. Google pointed out several times about its official word on guest blogging.

While they encouraged reputed authors to guest blog, they advised blogs accepting guest posts to be cautious of the content they publish and be aware of good linking practices for Webmasters, because Google will penalize guest blogging blogs that violate search engine guidelines.

While many sites continue to propagate that guest blogging is the best way to get backlinks, it may no longer be so now as sites accepting guest posts will realize that free content is only being offered in the garb of published dofollow backlinks to unrelated sites. Webmasters should have strong editorial guidelines and accept only quality content, as free content with bad links comes with a high price of losing search engine traffic.

Though we accept guest posts with stringent guidelines, we still get at least five guest blogging posts every day, and none of them contains links which genuinely pointed to the author’s personal website!

So next time you accept a guest post on your blog, be careful about scrapped content (use CopyScape), and also the kind of links you are linking out to … A bad link neighbourhood is not worth the best guest post. Guest blogging is changing rapidly and keep your eyes open. Accept only high quality content from reputed authors with strict link policies.


  1. Fred says:

    I think “except” in the last paragraph should be replaced with “accept”. Thanks for the article.

  2. Anil Gupta says:

    It was destined to happen sooner or later. Guest blogging has always been a way of creating links and mostly carries copied content from the original source.

    It is good that Google is after the guest bloggers.

    • james says:

      That is the most ridiculous statement ive heard in a long time.

      Go after guest bloggers!?

      Are you stupid. Im so sick of all the weenies walking around acting like google owns the internet.

      Not accepting high value content because “google may or may not think its acceptable form of backlinks….” is just freakin retarded.

      Its about the AUDIENCE. Not the search engines. c’mon people…

  3. alex says:

    how i got guest posting for my blog and how many guest post is not harmfull my blog

  4. Maria says:

    I get several pitches a week on my personal blog, but the not-having-experience one is new to me. Then again, all of these things feel like they should be common sense but, of course, are not always common practice. Great article!

  5. Mumbai To Goa taxi says:

    Now Google monitoring the guest post those who getting the back link.

  6. Cal | PrintingShoppers says:

    Oh good! Now we don’t have to worry about crappy content! Blog post exists to inform and be useful to a specific audience. Thanks for posting!

  7. S.Pradeep Kumar says:

    I too want to experiment my blog by disabling guest blogging. :( But I read one article from ProBlogger that removing the word ‘guest’ from the guest posts could solve the issue by half. :D Gonna try both!

  8. Farhanrasel says:

    I can’t increase visitor in my blog.What can i do.I update my blog everyday but visitor don’t increase.

  9. Josh Nadeau says:

    Personally, I think accepting guest blogs is a great way to get quality content to your site. That being said, I have started moderating the posts a bit more thoroughly to ensure I don’t run into any copyright issues. So far so good. Traffic and rank is climbing steadily. Thanks again.

  10. Arun says:

    Guest blogging is best way to collect good quality content but some spammer use it for their purposes. So i thing self blogging is best…

  11. Ninika says:

    Nice post. There is really a true value of the Guest Blogging. But, we should not use it in wrong way.

  12. Muzamal says:

    Good Fixed That.

  13. prince says:

    this is a great guide through guest blogging i do appreciate i will share it for others to benefit from this wonderful post

  14. Md. Ataur Rahman says:

    I can not increase visitor my website. This guest blog is very nice.

  15. Majid Chaudhry says:

    Can I ascape from google by removing word Guest from my guest blog posts.
    Actually I use Guest Posting on my blogs and have a lot of posts form Guests on all my blogs.

  16. Sanket Patel says:

    I think the biggest challenge is to find the quality guest blogpost because many people contact me for guest posting in my blog but due to lack of uniqueness and write up, I disapprove more than 50% of blogpost. And then I have to put that email id in spam so that guy don’t contact me back. If we don’t care about it guest blogging link weightage might get reduced from seo point of view.

  17. Deepak Singh says:

    Is guest blogging allowed on QOT ? :P

  18. Nazia Shah says:

    i need taffic on my site, i made a blog and i am looking for traffic sources, can any one tell me how i can bring immediate traffic on my blog? pleas help me and i also tell me some thing about social bookmarking, is it is useful to bring traffic?

  19. Paul D. Mitchell says:

    Guest Blogging first started out as a way to grow a social network or following, two quality bloggers with something in common, but not competitive, would each write a post for each other’s site. The introduction was made to each other’s followers and the viral activity began. When SEO grew more complicated and backlinks where pushed further to relevancy, the guest blogging boom began. As has been the story of the internet and digital media, the change came along so fast, even legitimate organizations and companies found themselves contributing to the problem just to stay relevant and competitive.

  20. Googma Sansar says:

    Hi Farhan !
    I read your comment and would like to suggest you. Only updating to your blog is not solution of traffics problems. Yes, regularly update help to increase your rank but you have to do somthing other like this:
    – increase your social media interaction
    – engage in community forums,
    – share your every post on social networking and bookmarking sites.
    – writes for other bloggers
    – increase your sites backlinks
    – research keywords and use long tail searchable keywords. Which are less competitive.
    – start email marketing, article marketing, promotional campaign.
    – write E-books share with your visitors.
    – Solve your visitors problems.
    – share tutorial, videos, audios, templates, application, widgets and newsletters.
    – use social media pluging and widget.
    – create attracttive templates.
    These all tips are simple simple ways to increase your sites traffics. It may long time but all are sustainable ways.

  21. Magento SEO says:

    After Panda update most of the seo companies are doing guest blogging for getting back links and visitors, I think only for that reason Google thinks to penalize guest blogger. I would say it’s a good step, and Google should take this kind of step to stop spamming.

  22. Nazia Shah says:

    i am trying to install wordpress themes on my blogspot blog, but i dont know how to install or how i can convert my blogspt to wordpres, any one konw how to install wordpress themes on my blogger, plz help me

  23. Julie Fitzwater says:

    But as for guest blogging is concerned, I would never prefer to write a post that does not give me a permanent backlink.

  24. Rifat says:

    Top quality sites who are strict in publishing guest post they will penalize. There are some blog who published duplicate guest post and excessive linking they will penalize in Google next update. I have found that Google are now giving more emphasis on pages issues. If you effected in ranking on Google change or fix your on page SEO issue you will also notice it.

  25. 稻草人皮具 says:

    But as for guest blogging is concerned, I would never prefer to write a post that does not give me a permanent backlink.

    • Priyanka says:

      Nice one, Good to see you writing about guest blogging which is really an important part of a proper content marketing plan.

  26. Joe Hart says:

    Guest blogging has lost its glory and it’s more than probable that Google will penalize sites which promote guest blogging..It’s not even difficult to differentiate between a guest post and normal post..So i guess it’s better to bid goodbye to Guest posting and find new ways to build links.

  27. Ashish Gill says:

    i never knew that guest post would have adverse effects too..thanks to you for sharing this info…

  28. Cherie DeBrule says:

    I had no idea guest blogging was getting so bad and all the things to watch out for. Thanks for all the tips.

  29. pushkaar says:

    sure success method for getting high page rank…………but only good alexa rank and
    good PR is not a way to success. Nice article

  30. dataguru says:

    Google stop guess blogging to avoid spamming !!!! Ok but do you think that Google will take ownership that what you have and what you get !!! guest blogging is for sharing people views and admin have full rights to remove the unrelevant comment !!!! Then there is no need for removing it !!!!!!!!

  31. LA Roofing says:

    The profile of guest blogging is changing across the blogosphere. It’s not uncommon to find more and more blogs denying guest posts and switching to publish

  32. Onyekachi says:

    Guest blogging is not bad and will never be, I think what Google will always want is quality and unique content which should be the watch out of any one accepting guest posts.

  33. kishore says:

    guest blogging is best way for site increase alexa and domain authority for guest bloggers. thanxx for nice article.

  34. Facebook Cover Software says:

    I personally think that Guest Blogging created a lot of value for users, webmasters and those that submitted the posts.

    The effect of losing guest blogging is a reduction of quality material and knowledge spread on the internet, indeed your own blog I can see from Alexa has suffered a drop in internet rankings as well as traffic.

    The whole notion of content and blogging should benefit everyone involved – it should be a win, win, win….I don’t think this witch hunt helps anyone.

  35. Richie says:

    Thanks for the article. I’m considering guest blogging as many websites recommend that to increase traffic, but I guess I’m not doing it after all after reading this post.

  36. Joel K says:

    It’s hard to find good places to submit guest posts. But once you establish a few, you can use them as references for new people to check out. Guest posting is a highly effective way to gain credibility and gain traffic and exposure to your site. Thanks for your informative post!

  37. J Smyth says:

    SEO is a funny business. Before reading this article (I was doing research on guest posting) I read an article categorically saying guest posting is the only way to do white hat SEO now. Then I come here and read the possibilities of getting a penalty. I’m going to bed to think about this :)

  38. James Osborne says:

    Are you saying that Google is now frowned with guest posting with the links pointing towards another sites?

  39. Vikash says:

    Very rightly said. People have started abusing the Guest Posting method and now it has converted to as bad as article directory submission. Everyone is running after backlinks, caring a little about what exactly people want to read.

    So, as the search engines are evolving, this has to happen and all these cheap tricks and money spending ways are going to rest in peace soon.

    Thanks for your insights on the topic.

  40. Koj T. Tajo says:

    Hey, A great post written especially against the run of flow. As guest post is trending the blogosphere and people love both accepting and approaching for guest post. :)
    But what exactly does “Bad Link Neighborhood” means here??

  41. Hemant Jain says:

    guest blogging is a good way of attracting traffic but due to these spammers it would be difficult to trust.

  42. punjaci says:

    never thought that guest posting will become prohibited since it was a way to express your thoughts freely and why not to show others what you can offer so anyone can inspect your content and decide whether it is worthy or not

  43. Chatung says:

    So what about ? This website is totally depended upon guest bloggers and moreover they still does allow “do-follow links”.
    No offence but I have..
    An exclusive question for you only “Didn’t you applied/done for guest blog ever?”
    If Yes, then “Why to abandon others blogger for such privilege”?
    With a little effort one can easily detect spammy blogs and bloggers.
    Let the genuine and hard working bloggers get its “piece of link”..

    • malik shah says:

      Now a days Only Few people are accepting guest post and that too without backlink.However We should not write it for getting a backlink

  44. Atitude Design says:

    Guest blogging is a good way of attracting traffic and it is very useful in SEO strategy but due to Guest blogging spammers it would be difficult to trust.

  45. Daisy says:

    Can you please provide a link where i may get lots of blog address that accept guest blogging. I have a few but either most of urls are not working or they don’t accept guest blogging request now.

  46. Gaurav Chawla says:

    Nice information for the guest bloggers. Google is becoming strict in its policies day by day.

  47. Tom says:

    This is the good article for understanding the importance of guest blogging . Thanks for the valuable information, And also please share some dofollow guest blogging sites list.

  48. Sameer Suri says:

    If google keeps making such changes I don’t know how newbies can break in.

  49. Raza Rizvi says:

    This is truly sad for new bloggers like me :( . I’ve been trying so hard to post my guest posts but no one accepts them :( Google shouldn’t do this or else new bloggers would never be able to have a good blog. :(

  50. Grosir Perlengkapan Bayi says:

    its kinda hard to both sides. for the owner site must beware for every comment from a guest. and for a guest is not be easy like before. but there is google. we can’t fight them back so at least we can adapted.

  51. Nilesh Konde says:

    Thanks for sharing such wonderful article.With the guest blogging we can create quality content to our blog.
    For generating traffic to our blog , content should be fresh and unique.

  52. Manoj says:

    Really it is true. We should not be waste our time to make the spammy links. We can do it in unique way as you suggested.

  53. Sheharzaad says:

    can anyone tell me about google domain???

  54. Ramdev says:

    guest blogging is a good way of attracting traffic but due to these spammers it would be difficult to trust.

  55. Priyanka says:

    Good post nice to see importance of guest blogging

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